Tuesday, August 5, 2008


In reply to Sarah Sez's "Does This Backpack Make Me Look Cool" post showing Jack's new GAP backpack that is soooo cool, I have decided to share Calvin's backpack with everyone.

Calvin love, Love, LOVES his backpack complete with his name and a soccer player that he insists is him! I bought this for Calvin shortly after he started going to Chesterbrook Academy in Champaign. He was having a hard time adjusting to it. He loved his backpack so much that he proudly wore it all day, every day. All of the teachers and staff commented on how cute Calvin was with his backpack. Having something special from home helped him get through the days until he finally LOVED school!

His backpack inspired other kids to want one, too. 1st to get a backpack after Calvin was Maddox. They immediately became best friends and founded the Chesterbrook Academy Backpack Gang! :-) Soon, others were bringing backpacks, too.

I ordered this backpack from Spectrum Graphics on South Rt. 45 in Effingham.
Ashley does a fabulous job making sooo many customized things for Calvin and me. She has made several t-shirts for Calvin that are personalized for the sport in season - complete with our favorite player's number on back.

This is a super cute duffle bag that Ashley customized for Calvin! It is great for packing his clothes to go to his dad's, grandma's, or anywhere! We love this duffle bag!

I can't wait to see everyone else's backpacks, too!!!


Sarah D said...

Love it!!

I actually was thinking of getting Jack a personalized backpack before we found his dino backpack at the GAP.

I had no clue that finding the "perfect" backpack could be so stressful!!

Christina said...

I think we want them to have the perfect backpack more than they care - Calvin would have probably been happy w/ a lame plastic Spongebob one... Kids are so silly!