Friday, August 29, 2008



I want to congratulate Super Studly Husband on his new job!
This is an amazing opportunity!
I am so proud of you!!!

This is super exciting! I couldn't be happier for Chris!

Wonder Woman?!?

I am happy to report that Sarah Palin is John McCain's Vice President running mate. 
I for one am excited that he chose Palin. 
Not only is she a Governor from Alaska with sterling credentials. 
She is a  mother of FIVE! 
Can you say Wonder Woman?!? 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Folders

We went to Staples today to pick up some folders I need for school. I don't need fancy ones with puppies, rainbows, or Hannah Montana on them... I searched out the cheepies...

To my surprise the regularly priced $0.15 ones were FREE!!!

Just wanted to share the deal with my readers. Enjoy!

My Germs Are Alive!!!

Calvin has a new obsession....


Calvin's teachers strongly encourage them to use Germ-X regularly - to kill all of the germs on their hands. Calvin regularly says, "My germs are alive!!!" and then quickly kills them with about a 1/4 cup of Germ-X.

This morning he stuck a toy up his nose. I first told him that he was totally grossing me out. When asked why, I answered because their are disgusting germs in your nose and now they're on your toy. I'm sure you can see where this is going... he wanted to put Germ-X up his nose. I'm glad I caught him in time... it probably would have burnt!

If you know me... I am a slight germ-a-phobe. I used to not care too much... it is getting worse. But, for some reason if the germs are in my house... they're not so bad... hence the messy house. ;-) I guess now I'm going to have to clean more often to keep up w/ my germ-a-phobe son.

Calvin's Wrap-Up

Here is Calvin's Wrap-up... to keep you all in the know of the World of Calvin

He has already started a Christmas list to Santa. It includes:

1.) a purple cat.
2.) a purple dog - because he knows we will never have a cat because of my allergies. He figured this all out and asked if I was allergic to dogs. When I said no, he insisted that a puppy would be a good substitute for a purple cat.
3.) yellow fire chief rain boots
4.) a bigger bed
5.) a computer - to do his "homework" on.

His current favorite color is purple. Everything needs to be purple. We're just about out of purple Flintstone's vitamins... then what?!?

Calvin and I ran into each other on Campus today... I was headed to my car to meet SSH for lunch. Calvin was on a friendly walk with his teachers and classmates. He totally seemed embarrassed to see me. He barely said 2 words. I thought I was still his BFF?!?

Calvin is going camping with my grandparents sometime this weekend. He is really looking forward to it... but I still think Grandma is the most excited!

We also want to wish Miss Daelyn a very very very magically fairytale-princess-like 4th birthday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day of School


Calvin this morning before heading off to his new school (a.k.a. daycare).
He is sporting OshKosh B'Gosh Circa 2008 soccer shirt and
a new backpack with his name embroidered on it!
How stinkn' cute, right?!?

This year, Calvin is going to school on campus.
Very convenient!!!

Calvin has been eagerly waiting for school to start so he could wear his new running shoes and play with Stella (cousin). Stella was not there today, but we are hoping to see her on Wednesday. :-) Calvin painted a picture, played outside, ate chicken fingers, and took a nap at school. Oh... and I should admit that because I forgot to take his toothbrush out of his backpack and give it to his teacher, he had to brush his teeth with his finger. He let me know he wasn't very happy with me about that.

Today was also my first day of Fall semester. Let me recap:

In my 9:00 a.m. class I learned how to download music illegally and which sites to use to prevent viruses, popups, etc. Yay --- glad I got out of bed early for that class! I'm hoping it gets better. But, I don't really mind taking a blow-off class, either. :-)

In my last class, I laughed (on the inside) at my teacher... she is like late 20's, bleach blonde hair, and definitely had a boob job! She kept saying things like, "I have the power to..." and "I have special powers to..." and talking about how easily distracted she is. This is a programming class so I sure hope I can take her seriously! :-)

All in all, I think this is going to be a tough semester - but also a semester that I learn a ton!

I want to send well wishes to all students this semester!




Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

I just finished the book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." It exceeded all expectations I had of the book. Special heartfelt thank-you to my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, for this book. She gave it to me at my dad's visitation. Although it is a quick read, I took my time and read it off and on. I am so happy that I finished it.

Have you read the book?

I don't want to ruin the book for anyone who wants to read it. But, I have some thoughts.

For this post I am going to assume that what is in this book is true...

I wonder who my Dad's 5 people in Heaven were. He touched many many lives, but who's did he make a big difference in? Who did he impact in his life?

Who will be my 5 people? I have met a lot of people and lived in many places. I like to think that I have made an impact on some lives. I have tried to be a good influence for others, especially when I was in the Air Force. But, I am definitely far from perfect. Anyway, I wonder who my 5 people will be in Heaven.

At the end of the book, Eddie discovers his true Heaven. What is my Dad's Heaven like? I picture him on a farm with my Grandpa Joe. Dad drives the tractor in the field like he has always enjoyed doing. After a day's worth of work, Grandpa Joe and Dad go to the house where Grandma Velear and Lisa are waiting for them to have dinner before playing cards.

I really have no idea what Dad's Heaven is like. I hope to find out one day. Eddie's 5 people seemed very random - people that he didn't expect. I hope that my father is one of my 5 people. It will be interesting to have my life exlained to me. People say that everything happens for a reason. I hope to find out these reasons in Heaven.

I started thinking about what my possible Heaven would be like...
What would you like your Heaven to be like?

Thank-You Cards

If you were at Calvin's birthday party or if you sent him birthday wishes or a gift, he is


He loves all of his new toys, McDonald's cards, and he made a pretty hefty deposit to his savings account!!! He also loved all of the musical cards!!!
He is a VERY lucky little boy to have so many people that love him and celebrate his birthday with him!!!

There was a mix-up with his thank-you cards from Winkflash so we will not be sending thank-you cards. I hope this doesn't offend too many people.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Night Debut

Tonigt, Friday, August 22nd @ 9:00 p.m.
I will be debuting as the newest Daddy Rabbit's bartender!

Come out for the night...
Enjoy some drinks...
And watch a new band, The Reflections!

Don't forget to tip your bartender!!! :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stinky Did It!

Scene: Calvin is in the bathtub tonight.

Me: Calvin why did you splash so much water on the floor???
Calvin: Stinky did it!

Remider that Stinky is one of Calvin's imaginary friends.

This totally reminded me of how I used to blame everything on my imaginary BFF, Udge!

Calvin is becoming so imaginative. Some of the things he says and does are down right comical! I hope this is the beginning of a wacky 3yr old year!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gay? Lesbian? Straight? Who Cares?!?

Ladies and gents...
I got an email forwarded to me tonight... I found it pretty interesting... and even tried to pass it off as humorous in someway. I want you to know that this was just a forwarded email and I have no idea the truth behind it. Please read the below and then my comments at the bottom. I'm looking forward to hearing your comments, too!!!

August 13, 2008
Dear So and So,

McDonald’s has done it again. First, the company paid $20,000 to become a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and to have a seat on the board of directors. Next, McDonald’s refused a request to remain neutral in the culture war by choosing to promote the gay agenda. Then McDonald’s accused those opposing the gay agenda, including same-sex marriage, of being motivated by hate.

Now we learn that McDonald’s sponsors training for homosexuals on how to promote their agenda among corporations from the inside.
Out & Equal™ Workplace Advocates is a national organization devoted to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in the workplace. One of its primary purposes is to train employees how to aggressively promote homosexuality within the company they work for, all the way to the corporate boardroom. Part of last year’s Out & Equal Summit in Washington, DC, (sponsored by McDonald’s) was an organized march into congressional offices demanding same-sex marriage laws be passed.

At the bottom of McDonald’s half-page ad in the Out & Equal Summit booklet is this statement: “From neighborhood to neighborhood, coast to coast and around the world, McDonald’s is proud to celebrate diversity” (homosexuality).

Thank you for caring enough to get involved. If you feel our efforts are worthy of support, would you
consider making a small tax-deductible contribution to help us continue?

Donald E. Wildmon,
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association
Donate with confidence to AFA

(gifts are tax-deductible)

Okay... so here's what I think.
I am a Catholic and I am a Republican... but I am also a human.

I personally have no problems and typically support gay and lesbian relationships (outside of the military) and even marriages. I do not agree with them getting married in the Catholic church... but who am I to stand in their way of having a civil ceremony??? How would you feel if you found your soul mate but were refused to make it legally binding just because you were both women or both males???

I have several gay and lesbian friends - just because they're gay does not make them bad people. They are people just like me and you. They put their pants on one leg at a time... just like me and you. They go to their jobs and do their grocery shopping just like we do. Nothing makes them different. So why is it that gays are often referred to or implied to be of some other species?!?
It is 2008... it is accepted in most of the world. Why is the gay movement still such a huge issue for so many Americans? We live in the U.S.A. This is the land of the free.

*** Food for thought: If your son or daughter told you he or she were gay, what would you do?

*** This is my answer: Duh... I'd go out and get the biggest rainbow flag ever to hang in my yard!

I'm totally interested in your thoughts. Please try to keep them polite - but everyone has their own opinion.

My look-a-likes! ;-)


  1. After phone calls, face-to-face negotiations, and begging, Calvin does not have to get the lead and TB tests to attend Lake Land's Daycare on campus!!! YAY!!! :-)
    1. Let me clarify:  He has already passed the lead assessment and had a TB test - but those were in 2006, I think.  I just didn't want my baby to get more shots - when he is completely caught up on all of them.  The new daycare requires the tests to be done w/in the last 6 months or get a waiver from the doctor.
  2. This is the last week of Summer Break for me and Calvin.  Part of me is excited to start a  new semester and get on a regular routine so life can get a little more normal.  But, the end of Summer always sucks. 
  3. Do you all have like a dozen weddings this Summer?!?  We have gone to and are invited to so many weddings this Summer.  If it seems like we're flat broke...we probably are from buying shower and wedding gifts!  ;-)  It seems like we're at the age when all of our friends are getting married.  This is the 3rd Summer in a row that we have had sooo many weddings to go to. 
  4. For the most part does it feel more like September or October to you?  The weather has been sooo nice!  We actually turned off our A.C.... which is a big deal - bc I usually don't turn it off until it's about time to turn on the heat!!!  As long as my allergies remain under control, we are going to keep the A.C. off. 
    1. We live right by the train tracks... having the windows open really sucks!  It is sooo loud!  Between the dump trucks across the street and the trains blowing their horns... it's hard to get Calvin to take a nap. 
  5. This weekend the Doug Goeckner Memorial Fund Organization will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs, pork burgers, and drinks at the tractor pull.  Click HERE for more information and the address of the tractor pull. 
    1. Reminder that this is a non-profit organization.  We just want to be able to give back to the community in ways that Dad would want. 
  6. Yesterday, my Aunt Dawn and I went to Spectrum Graphics on South Rt. 45 in Effingham to order DLG Memorial Fund shirts for the family.  I have to give a GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO ASHLEY HIGGS!  She is such a sweetheart.  When I told her about the organization she was eager to help.  She donated the set-up and artwork for the shirts!  That is a HUGE donation!!!  :-) 
    1. I HIGHLY reccomend her for any custom t-shirts, hats, bags, etc.  She does an AWESOME job! 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Doug Goeckner Memorial Fund Organization

My aunts founded the Doug Goeckner Memorial Fund Organization yesterday.
All proceedes will be donated.
Here is the website telling you all about it.
Or, I have a link on my sidebar.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Permanent Eyeliner!!!

Yesterday afternoon I headed up to Daddy Rabbit's while Calvin was having birthday time with his dad. I think Brittany, Jessie, Cindy, and I talked about just about everything! BUT... I learned something that I KNOW some of YOU will be VERY interested in...


Yes, Rebekah, your dream has come true! I know you've been waiting most of your life for this!!!

Jessie Will can give you permanent eyeliner, lip color, eyebrows, etc. I saw the permanent eyeliner up close - and it is flawless! I'd love to get it done!!!

Here's her contact information because I know you're going to set up an appointment ASAP:

Jessie Will
Shear Designs
710 W. Fayette
Effingham, IL 62401
(217) 347-5719

Call today to get her current promotions!!!

CRAIGSLIST.ORG... Need your help!

I want to add Effingham to
I submitted something to try. I'm not sure how much luck I will have.
If you have a few minutes could you submit something too.
Having more people request it will probably help.

If you're not familiar with Craigslist... well it's like an online garage sale. It's awesome!!! You can buy, sell, and trade on there. I bought a bakers rack and a desk on craigslist in Champaign this year! It's amazing what you'll find on there! Check it out.

I wanted to post an ad in the Effingham Daily News today... but it would cost $167.22 for 5 days!!! I had no idea ads were so expensive. Thats when Chris told me to try to get Effingham added to Craigslist where you can post for FREE!!!

Click HERE to help me get Effingham added!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Calvin!!!

Today my precious baby boy turns three.
On one hand I am in denial that he is growing up so quickly.
On the other hand I am incredibly proud of the little boy he is growing up to be.

He is respectful, loving, considerate, intelligent, and well mannered. He is growing into a patriotic young boy that salute's the American flag. He knows who George Bush and John McCain are... about 1/2 of the letters in the alphabet... he knows up, down, right, and left - courtesy of Amber H. He has a memory like no one I have ever met before. He's a boy that is fun and adventerous and is eager to take me along on his newest escapades.

I love Calvin more than words could ever express. He is my precious Snuggle Baby Buggy, even if he tells you that Snuggle Baby Buggy is in the trunk (as so many of his imaginary friends are). He is an inspiration to be cheerful and optimistic. His hugs and kisses make my heart melt. And he loves me unconditionally... no matter how sad or grouchy I am... he still loves me.

Calvin's Big Day will be very special including breakfast with Grandma Betty and Grandpa Larry at Niemerg's. We are going to the cemetary with cake, ice cream, or candy to celebrate Calvin's birthday with Dad... the best way we know how. I suspect the afternoon will include a bike ride to the park or a trip to Homewood Grill. Calvin is spending a few hours with his dad. And then when he gets home, Chris and I are taking him to his favorite place to eat: McDonald's before giving him his birthday presents. :-)

3 Year Pictures Courtesy of Jennifer Hecht
Calvin with his Papa Doug's tractor.

Calvin, I hope your 3rd birthday is one that you will always have fond memories of. Iwill try to make it very special with fun times, lots of laughs, treats gallore, and so much love! You make me so proud... I couldn't be prouder of you. I love you bunches and bunches and bunches!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What Do You Think?

My Dad was killed in a car accident. You all know this. The other driver said that he fell asleep and hit my dad. Again, you all know this.

The driver's court date is coming up.
His blood/alcohol test came back negative - no alcohol.
There was no drug test done - but we expect that it would have been negative as well.

What do you think is proper punishment for this man?
He fell asleep behind the wheel, crossed the centerline, hit my father's car, and now my father is dead.

I have such mixed feelings about it all. I feel that the driver is genuinely sorry. So sorry that he came to the visitation... risking the chance of me or my family yelling or kicking him. I hear through the grapevine how he struggles each day; knowing what he did and remembering the aftermath of the collision. He is sorry.

But, how sorry is sorry enough?

I am confident that no judicial punishment will ever make this better for me or my family. So, why do I feel such hatred towards him? There's nothing he can do to make it better and yet I expect something to happen on his behalf to mend my broken heart. But... nothing will bring Dad back - and that's the only thing that would make me feel better.

I have posted before that I don't believe in accidents. I think life is a series of choices and consequences. Yet, over the past couple days I have been hearing something in my head that says that it was an accident. The voice is calm and soothing... but still I try to fight it off. Why am I fighting so hard for something that cannot change?

My cousin Tricia who just lost her mother, Lisa Addis, had a dream. She had a dream where she talked to my dad. She said the dream was so realistic that she thought he was standing in her room. My dad told her that he and her mom were happy and for her not to worry about her mother because he was taking care of her. She asked how he knew because he was not dead, he was standing in her room. He reminded her with a smile telling her that he was indeed dead.

This dream gives great comfort to me. I now believe that Dad and Lisa are happy in heaven. Although I still shed many tears and struggle to get through most days... I believe they are watching over us from heaven.


Yesterday was my baby boy's 3rd birthday party! I can't believe he's turning 3... seems like just yesterday, Mom and I brought him home from the hospital. He's growing up so fast. Luckily, he is growing into a great little boy who has qualities like love, respect, and compassion that I admire.

Unfortunately, Calvin was sick Saturday and most of yesterday. He was running a low grade temperature up to 101.8 on Saturday and was very sluggish. So, he really wasn't feeling up to par at his party. However, opening a ton of presents from his friends and family cheered him up! He got soo many great gifts... too many to even start listing. He loves them all!

Thought I'd include this great picture showing off his awesome cake! Not only did it look good, but was also delicious!

Calvin's official birthday is Wednesday... so yesterday kicked off Calvin's birthday week! I will try to do something special each day this week. :-)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer Semester is Over!!!

I completed my Art Appreciation final last night. Then, I stayed up late working on my final website for the web design course. I just finished that site.
Remember that this is just a basic web design course - nothing high glam or anything - but here is the site if you're interested.

Without further ado, I have some shout outs to give out...




Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedgie Free!!!

I just saw a Hanes underwear commercial on t.v.
They were advertising Hanes "Wedgie Free" technology.
I had to share it with all of my bloggy friends.

It made me smile a little - that there is
"wedgie free technology".
Hmmm... Hope it makes you smile, too.

But seriously, I've spent a lot of money at Victoria's Secret on perfect underwear - you know the ones that make my butt look fabulous... they don't ride up - unless you buy the cheapies there. Oh, and if you love cute briefs made of nice cotton, try American Eagle's line of briefs. They fit so comfortably - and are fairly wedgie-free.

Do you ladies agree that no matter what underwear you buy,
after several washes they lose their
"anti-wedgie" abilities?

Where do you buy your underwear?
Know of any fabulous panties that you couldn't live without?
Are you a brief, hip hugger, or thong girl?
For Rebekah, I'll also ask... do you wear panties?

Late Night Blues

I stayed up late to work on my final web design project due by Friday night. I did make some headway. Billi, I'll email you the link when it's finished so you can see what I did with your site. :-)

As I was coming to a good stopping place in my project, I saw the photo book I ordered. It came yeterday. It is filled wth pictures of Dad... 60-some pages!

I did okay in the beginning. And then somewhere towards the end of the photo book, it hit me: I'M NEVER GOING TO SEE HIM OR HEAR HIS VOICE AGAIN.

I'm sobbing. It's 12:44 a.m. and I'm the only one awake in our house. Nobody to see me crying. Nobody for me to put my smile on for. And nobody to hug me... which seems to be the best time for me to cry.

Calvin and his Papa Doug at the fair last year.

This week has been very overwhelming. It's finals week and I am a couple projects behind in my web design course. I'm getting an A, now - if I don't get it all turned in, I won't get the A that I want. Also, the county fair started on Sunday. The fair was a big deal to Dad. When I was younger and the only one in our family in 4-H, Dad would drop me off at the fair in the morning so I could take care of my pigs and then when he got off work he'd come back to pick me up. He'd take off to watch me show my pigs and always had great advice. Some of the most interesting advice he gave me during fair time was when I was getting ready for the 4-H auction. He told me that the buyers weren't actually bidding on the pig; they were really bidding on how I presented myself and my pig. He felt it was important to dress nicely and have my hair and make-up done for the auction.

Since my days in 4-H, my brothers Joe and Levi and my sister, Tiffany have been in 4-H. A few years ago, Dad and Denise decided to start camping at the fair like many other 4-H families. Dad even took the week off to hang out with the family, neighbors, and friends! It was a great time had by all! This year, Tiffany is the only one in 4-H. Denise decided that it was important to still take the camper out to the fair for the week. I know this week must be so hard for Denise. I am comforted by knowing she has a brother and sisters and parents there to keep her going. I admire Denise's strength.

Last year, the fair was really special. Calvin was the perfect age to enjoy all of the 4-H animals and idolize dad... right down to his boots. :-) It was also very special because at last year's 4-H auction, Chris asked Dad for my hand in marriage. Chris said that he's never seen Dad smile so big.

Calvin remembers the last year's fair. I've heard about it all week... how Papa Doug took him to pet goats and sheep and how he wore boots like Papa Doug's. Infact, as we pulled into the fairgrounds, Calvin started talking about Dad. I think it's very important to talk about Dad on a daily basis. I don't want Calvin to ever forget his Papa Doug that loved him more than words can describe. I don't want to start forgetting things about Dad, either.

Tonight, I must be going through a sad part of the grieving process. I am not so angry tonight. I am just deeply missing my father. I'm so confused on why it had to be my dad that the other driver hit. Why my dad isn't hear to enjoy the fair this week. Why Calvin's Grandpa Doug won't be at his 3rd birthday party this weekend.

I stay up late most nights. I know you're so busy watching over everyone else during the day. So, I stay up late waiting for you to come see me. I don't know if you're here or not. If you are, could you please give me a sign? A sign to let me know that you're here and a sign to let me know that you forgive me. Dad, I am so sorry for all of the grief I gave you in life. I am so sorry for all of the times I disappointed you. I am sorry for everything. I am certain Lisa A. passed this message onto you.
I promise that a day in my life has never gone by without me thinking of you. I love, respect, and admire you. Now, I miss you so much. My heart is still aching and the Dr. said there's no medicine to mend a broken heart.
Also, I ask you to please visit Calvin from time to time... even if it's in his dreams. He hasn't spoken of seeing you lately. That troubles me. Please help me to keep your memory alive in him.
Sweet dreams.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm a New Member...

Announcing my very own new membership to the Teutopolis American Legion!

Yeah... go me... check me out!

Joining the American Legion has always been on my to-do list, but thanks to Allen R, I finally went to a meeting and signed up!

I hope these guys are ready for my stellar organization and planning skill - like I demonstrated at Mildenhall Air Base, U.K. as President of he Booster Club, raising lots o' lots of $$$ for the squadron. Or, how I saved the Air Force over $300,000 on the last fiscal day of 2002 when I shrewdly negotiated computer sales with Dell and other companies in Europe and the U.S. Or, how I was Madame of Ceremonies for the 100th Communication Squadron's Christmas Party of 2002. Or, how I assured Maj. Trumble in 2003 that McChord's Air Show would go off without a hitch, even if I had to fly the planes myself!

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I was shit hot in the Air Force... just ask Amy, Tiffany P., or Carolyn. They know all about it,. Amy was always there with me to make an event go perfectly... her creativity inspired me to always think outside the box and that we can make anything happen if we just put our heads together! Tiffany was my date to the Dining Out the 100th Communications Squadron (my squadron in England) where I was the Madame Vice as well as the main planner of the event. And then, Carolyn... bless her heart, she wasn't even in the Air Force, but always helped with my new projects... especially Valentine's Day 2002 when the two of us made a ton of hershey kiss roses that were ordered by squadron and some base personnel to be delivered anonymously to various recipients. We raised a lot of money for our squadron that day!

I may have listed a lot of fun projects that I did in the Air Force, but it wasn't all fun and games. There were late nights, early mornings, network outtages, recalls, 24/7 on call duties, September 11th, classified messaging, and don't forget that deployment... :-) I loved every minute of my time in the Air Force... even when I was homesick in England or missing Niemerg's Fried Chicken when I was deployed... I still loved it!

I know that being in the American Legion won't be like the Air Force. However, I think it will help to fill a major void in my life that has been missing since I got out of the USAF in 2004. I am really looking forward to being a part of the American Legion and showing my respect to all military personnel as well as all veterans.


In reply to Sarah Sez's "Does This Backpack Make Me Look Cool" post showing Jack's new GAP backpack that is soooo cool, I have decided to share Calvin's backpack with everyone.

Calvin love, Love, LOVES his backpack complete with his name and a soccer player that he insists is him! I bought this for Calvin shortly after he started going to Chesterbrook Academy in Champaign. He was having a hard time adjusting to it. He loved his backpack so much that he proudly wore it all day, every day. All of the teachers and staff commented on how cute Calvin was with his backpack. Having something special from home helped him get through the days until he finally LOVED school!

His backpack inspired other kids to want one, too. 1st to get a backpack after Calvin was Maddox. They immediately became best friends and founded the Chesterbrook Academy Backpack Gang! :-) Soon, others were bringing backpacks, too.

I ordered this backpack from Spectrum Graphics on South Rt. 45 in Effingham.
Ashley does a fabulous job making sooo many customized things for Calvin and me. She has made several t-shirts for Calvin that are personalized for the sport in season - complete with our favorite player's number on back.

This is a super cute duffle bag that Ashley customized for Calvin! It is great for packing his clothes to go to his dad's, grandma's, or anywhere! We love this duffle bag!

I can't wait to see everyone else's backpacks, too!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Super Studly Husband

Isn't MY Super Studly Husband H-O-T?!?
This is me and SSH at Cole and Alicia's wedding.

The wedding was beautiful.

Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of pics of the newly married couple from that day. I am certain Alicia will post them online somewhere and then I'll share a couple.

Trust me when I say, Alicia was gorgeous!
And Cole couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Calvin and Gage were ringbearers - and man were they CUTE!

For more pics that I took at the wedding go to:

I Guess Calvin Could Be...

Calvin and Hailey

Since Calvin has expressed interest in planes and jets, I have decided that it would be okay for him to be an Air Force Fighter Pilot - maybe an F-15, F-16, or F-22 pilot - BEFORE becoming President of the United States of America.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Group Hug

Sending a great big Blogger group hug to Amanda who lost her mother this morning to cancer. My heart breaks for Amanda because I know first hand that losing a parent is indescribably difficult. It changes your life forever and the tears keep flowing long after the funeral.

I pray to God; asking him to give Amanda strength and guidance over the next few weeks as her and her family make arrangements and figure out where life goes from here.

Amanda, if you need anything - anything at all, just ask. No request is too big or small.