Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yes, Sir!

Calvin and I are laying in bed. He's watching Sponge Bob while I catch up on some blogs. He swings his leg over me and comes within 2 inches of kicking my laptop. I look at him with disbelief that he would ever try something like that and I explained that he better never try to kick my laptop again if he wants to keep his feet! (Scare tactics work!)

He looked at me and with a very snooty tone said, "Me do what me want!"

I couldn't believe he said that! I had him repeat it a few times to make sure I heard it right. That totally wasn't cool. The following happened:

me in firm voice: "Calvin get off my bed and stand at attention!"
He quickly did so, as he knew I meant business.

me in firm voice: "The next time I tell you to do something you need to quickly reply with a 'yes ma'am' and do exactly as I say. I'm you're mother. I'm the boss!"

Calvin: "Yes Sir!"
I don't know if this was just a mistake on his part or if he was trying to be a smart ass. I let it slide and reminded him I was a Ma'am. He followed with, "Yes, Ma'am!"

I hope this isn't how the rest of our day is going to be! I want a happy day.


Dawn said...

I'm sorry, I couldn't help but supress a chuckle! You're too gorgeous to be a sir!

Hope the day gets better!

Major Mom said...

Tench hut!

I've never thought to put my boys at attention -- I will admit I've gotten a bit Lackland-esque on them from time to time...I should try having them stand at attention, though!

Timmy called me "Sir" just yesterday. However, he had recently watched an old Charlie Brown cartoon on Netflix (since our DVD player is now packed) and he thought Marcie calling Peppermint Patty "Sir" was funny.

At least, I HOPE that's why I was called "Sir".