Saturday, July 26, 2008

Unusual Happenings...

So, this week has presented some unusual happenings.
First, on Tuesday I was at the dinner at Montrose Church after Lisa Addis's funeral. I missed a call from "unknown number". Two minutes later my phone rang again from "unknown number." I of course answered it.
Me: "Hello."
Me: "Hello?"
Me: "Hello??? Is anyone there???"
I was in the church basement and assumed that I didn't have good reception.
The caller finally answered me.
He asked me something sexually disrespectful that I just won't post - it was that bad.
I replied, "What???" I was in shock! I couldn't believe my ears!
He repeated it.
Me: "Who the hell are you?!?"
Caller: "Jason..." And I couldn't make out his last name - something short that started with an S.
Me: "I don't know who the f**k you are, but don't ever f*****g call me again!!!"

I got off the phone a little shaken up because I don't get regular weirdo calls like that. The situation was even stranger because the guy called once and got my voicemail so he knew who he was calling and called back.
I took comfort in what my Aunt Jackie had to say: Some telemarketing companies allow prisoners to make their calls and then these prisoners can have access to phone numbers. She has gotten some collect calls from prisoners that appear to be a part of this scam. So, although it was super weird that I got that phone call... I tried to blow it off.


Today, Chris was running a little late getting to the Montrose Tractor Pull. When he got there he said that something weird was happening around home and at Meyer's gas station. I didn't understand the story until later in the day after we got home. Chris went outside and didn't come back for awhile. I yelled his name outside, looking for him - but no luck. No biggie, he returned a few minutes later. He had been at the neighbors.

When Chris went outside he found a wallet in our yard. He thought it might belong to the neighbors because they had been outside mowing. So, he brought it to the neighbors. It wasn't theirs but they said it may have belonged to the guy involved in an accident and drama at Meyer's.

So... now Chris got the scoop from the neighbors and filled me in on the day's events:

Chris had to work until noon today. He went home to change clothes to go to the tractor pull. He heard someone talking outside of our house. After looking out a couple windows he saw a guy in our yard. The guy took off running and jumped in the neighbor's pool. Chris thought maybe they were having a party and didn't think much of it. Not long later he heard ambulances. As he was leaving to go to the tractor pull he saw someone being carried out of Meyer's gas station on a stretcher. Hmmm...

Then, as he drove towards Montrose he had to pull over for several fire trucks to get to the scene of an accident by Dittamore's. Apparently the vehicle went way off of the road.

After talking with the neighbors tonight he learned that the man in our yard was the man involved in that accident. He walked from the scene of the accident towards Meyer's gas station - through our yard and our neighbor's. Apparently, he was not mentally stable - no details there. He was talking jibberish and hit some people - threatening others. The neighbors held him down until the authorities could get there. The paramedics had to strap him to a stretcher to control him - that explains what Chris saw.

So, that's weird, huh? It gets weirder - or more coincidental... the wallet Chris found in our yard. The license was Jason S. (I am not listing the last name)... remember a Jason called me earlier this week - a Jason that I was sure had a last name starting with S.

I know I can be dramatic... we all know that... and we all know I'm paranoid...
But isn't this a pretty big coincidence? My question to Chris was: How do we know that the wallet belonged to that specific person? What if there was a Jason - one that called me the other day - in our yard?


Nancy said...

That is very freaky.. I think I would make the cops aware of this, just to be safe. And ya never know.. the cops may have gotten other reports of this same thing

Also maybe contact your phone co. to see if they could track down that caller, and to make sure you don't end up with #'s ya didn't call.

Remember.. scammers/crazies are pretty smart when it comes to screwing people. They know more tricks that we could even imagine.

Let's just hope this was just some freak, and he is where he belongs /maybe he was an escapee from a mental ward or somthing

Please be Safe!!

Christina said...

Nancy... good points. Thanks for the concern.
Chris called AT&T to see if they could give him the phone number since it showed up as Unknown Number on my cell phone. They said they couldn't do anything... ugh...
My mom sees the sherriff on a regular basis at her work and said she'd mention something to him. I just don't want to be dramatic, ya know...

Amy said...

OMG that is sooooo scary!

Carolyn said...

Must be a weired weekend.
In our neck of the woods, a crazy 21 year old girl was frustrated we get no cell service here in the mountains, so she was trying to send a text message and drove off the road right into the parked car of our neighbors across the street. She puched their parked car to withing six inches of the ectrerior wall of the dining room. Totalled their car.
Had she driven off the road to the right instead of the left, she would have literally driven into our living room!

OrdnerFam3 said...

W-T-H!!!! This is so creepy! I can't believe this happened to you. You be safe and hopefully John has some ideas/answers for your mom. Be careful!