Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am so fortunate to have wonderful friends and family to support me through this difficult time for me. Lots of my close friends and family sent flowers, plants, a picture arrangement, a Willow Tree figurine, and a garden stone to the church for me at Dad's visitation. Others have given me photo books for my Dad, crosses, pictures, and a bear for Calvin. Ohhh... and all of the cards that come pouring in each day... wow. If you haven't gotten your thank-you card... I'm finishing them up this week!

When I started blogging, I never would have guessed I would make such special friends online... ones that I never see, and many I have never met.

Special thanks to:

Rebekah, Sarah, Aubrey, Amber, Tracie, and Amanda for the beautiful Angel in a wreath of fresh flowes. I was so surprised when I got to my Dad's visitation to see this gift. You girls are so special to me... we all need to get together for a girls night out - I guess that will have to be planned for a time when Tracie and Amanda are home. Anyway, thank-you so much for your thoughtfulness. You are so sweet!

I should have taken a picture right away - to show you exactly how gorgeous it was. Now, the flowers are starting to wilt. The Angel will always be very special to me. Thank-you sooo much!!!


Sarah D said...

No need to send me a thank you card. Your Aunt Jackie told me about the amount you all had to write out, which was just amazing.

It really inspired me to think about sending a couple books of stamps instead of flowers the next time someone I know passes away.

A group get-together is a great idea. We could make it an annual thing-blogopolooza


Nancy said...

Hang in their Christine. You have many people keeping you and your family in their prayers.
My new blog.. I lost the old one?? don't know what happened.

Aubrey said...

You really should thank Rebekah - she is the mastermind!!

But, anyways, your welcome.

I'm always game for a night out!