Thursday, July 3, 2008

Notice Anything Different???

I got my nose repierced today!!!

I have been wanting to get it repierced for a couple years.
Yes... repierced.
I got my nose pierced in 2004 before I got preggers. Then, after I got prego, I decided I needed to look more professional w/o a nose ring because I needed a j-o-b! So, I took it out.
Calvin's almost 3, now. It was time to get it redone!

So, Chris and I met up during his lunch today to go to Living Color Tattoo in Mattoon. Chris watched Dave pierce me while I watched Chris... as if I wasn't nervous enough, Chris cringed in the middle of it all! Then I got more nervous!

Oh well, guess I'm just super lucky to have a husband that will go with me to get a piercing!
Overall, it didn't hurt all that bad - like a bee sting - it was just for a second.
I love the look!

Anyway, this pic isn't the best of me. And some of the ink is still under the jewel.

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Dawn said...

Ah, I can't wait to see it! So jealous...