Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Me want MY boots!"

"Me want MY boots!"

"Me want MY boots!"

"Me want MY boots!"

Do you get the picture??? Calvin is bawling in time-out because his boots are in time-out.

Yes... his boots are in time-out. He threw a fit on the basement stairs about his boots and continued to throw a tantrum until finally I ripped the boots off of him and put them on top of the refrigerator where they will remain until Thursday morning.

Looking back - I really have no idea what he was screaming about on the steps... something about his boots... grrr... why can't I remember?!? Anyway, at the time I knew it was something about his boots and that's why they got taken away.

Calvin loves loves loves his camo boots. He wears them every single chance he can - that's why they're so dirty! So I know that taking them away will be something he will remember in the future.

~ In other news, Calvin had his 3-year check-up today. It went well. He's healthy.

He is:

36 1/4 inches tall


30 1/2 pounds - just 1 pound lighter than Daelyn. Which goes to show that Miss Daelyn is very petite because Calvin is small for his age.
~ And if you're wondering after typing this post, taking a pic of the camo boots, cropping the picture, and uploading it to Blogger... the background noise at my house is still...


OrdnerFam3 said...

Wow, sounded like he was having one of his last terrible two trantrums! I know it must have been hard to sit there and listen to him scream but the way you told the story was priceless! Thanks for the smiles :-)

Dawn said...

Very nice. Love the boots.

I'm a little behind in my commenting this week. Last week drained me.

Anyways, congrats on getting all the homework done.

I can't believe how big Calvin is. But do you realize the little man is just pounds shy of surpassing both Calvin and Daelyn? Seriously. He's a hulk.