Tuesday, July 1, 2008


If you've ever worked in customer service/support, like many of my Patterson readers... you dread the angry callers. If I could just find a phone number for DropShots... I would be one of those callers! I have always loved the services at DropShots... just drag and drop the pictures to a Drop Box and they automatically sort by date. You know: www.drophots.com/cgoeckner - incase you've never looked at the gazillion pics (mostly of Calvin).

Anyway, I have not been able to upload pictures since June 12th. That's a long time for me, especially because I pay for this service. After you put so many pics on there you have the option to pay like $4.99/mo to have unlimited pics and videos stored on their site. I have always gladly paid because I have always love love loved their services. I've tried places like Shutterfly and Ofoto, but DropShots is my ultimate favorite. Besides, I have so many pics stored there that I don't want to switch services, now.

I have submitted a few trouble tickets to DropShots' online help desk. A support tech by the name of Susan has sent me a few replies and she finally said she couldn't figure it out and was forwarding it on to a higher support level... that's after she took about a week of my time trying to figure it out.

I know computers... that's my thing... I tried the regular troubleshooting :
1st I rebooted! - duh
2nd I tried different pictures that were unedited - no luck.
3rd I uninstalled the DropBox and reinstalled it to guarantee I have the latest version.
4th I have tried uploading almost every day since June 12th with no luck.

I don't understand what the problem is. I'm losing patience - like at this point I have much left to lose. Sunday night I emailed this Susan Support Tech gal. I wanted her to have my email for 1st thing Monday morning and I suggested that they relocate all of my images stored on their servers to a different profile since the little feedback I've gotten led me to believe that this is profile/user specific. I asked for a follow-up email sometime on Monday - anything... just so I know they haven't forgotten about me. I got no email. I get little reply from this Susan lady - and it's not that I'm saying she's not trying - it's just that well, I need feedback - is that too much to ask for?!?

I tried to find a phone number for DropShots so I could talk to a real person. I can't find a phone number. I want someone to fix my problem asap. I've been waiting for weeks! This is getting ridiculous.

Anyway, I will post something when it's up and running again and I have new pics on there.


Carolyn said...

9141 White Alder Ct
San Diego, CA

Phone: +1 904 742 6166
brpond [at] gmail.com

Christina said...

WOW! Thank-you! I'm calling right now!

Carolyn said...

Company info is listed on Alexa.com


Good luck. Our recently uploaded videos haven't been working... Boo.