Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CSS Project Finished!!!

I just spent close to 3 hours working on a CSS project for my web design class. This is the first project that I've had only guidelines to follow. I got to pick my own material, colors, layout, etc. Anyway, I know it's really pretty lame - and nothing I'd actually be proud to put on the Internet... but for the class, this site suficed. We'll see what kind of grade I get!
If you're interested check it out:

Not sure why I decided to do a site about weddings. I guess it's easy material to make-up. Billi from Walnut Street Cards has graciously allowed me to use her business in my Dreamweaver project next week... I can't wait to get it started!!! :-)


Nancy said...

Congrats!! when making that page, was that similiar to a blog or do you have to make the codes and everything yourself??

Christina said...

It was all code - HTML. Next I am learning about designing a page w/ Dreamweaver which I expect to be a lot different. I've never used anything other than HTML for sites I've created in the past so it will be interesting.