Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Calvin and Stinky got haircuts!

Calvin has an imaginary friend. His name is Stinky Winky. We call him Stinky for short. :-)

Stinky has become a part of our family. Calvin holds his hand in parking lots - because of course we wouldn't want Stinky to get ran over and be Flat Like A Pancake!!! Last week I had to make Stinky a cheese sandwich for lunch because Calvin said he was hungry, too. The other night I had to give Stinky a kiss good-night when I tucked them and their dozen stuffed animals into bed. And often, Calvin says Stinky is in the trunk!!! Chris and I have even had to open the trunk to let Stinky out! Oh, and Snuglebuggy - who isn't as prominent as Stinky, but another imaginary friend!

The best was yesterday when I took Calvin to Great Clips to get his haircut. On the way there Calvin informed me that Stinky needed a haircut, too. He even had money to pay for it himself. He got the money from his job. Apparently, Stinky drives a truck to his job. But, I have no idea what he does for a living because he seems to be at our house all the time. Anyway, I agreed to let Stinky get his haircut since he could pay for it himself. So, Calvin, Stinky, and I walked into Great Clips - all holding hands. Calvin informed the barber that Stinky would also need a haircut. She was so polite and pretended to cut his hair, too!

I encourage Calvin to have imaginary friends. He is an only child and I believe that a big imagination is good for children. I had Udge as my imaginary friend when I was younger. With everything that Calvin has been through lately with losing his Grandpa Doug, he needs a good friend like Stinky.

Do your kids have imaginary friends?


Dawn said...

Like mother, like son! ;)

Daelyn has never really acted like she has an imaginary friend. But all her dolls and babies are named Ella. Ella is her bestest. No matter what form Ella may be in for the day. Today she's a baby. Yesterday she was a zebra.

jess said...

That is so cute! Olivia had an imaginary friend named Lucy. This Lucy had super powers and Olivia loved to carry her around in her pocket. I don't know what happend to her?? ... I'm going to ask Olivia about her right now:)

Major Mom said...

No imaginary friends, but lots of stuffed/inanimate "friends". My youngest, 3 1/2 year old Timmy, currently has Thomas the yellow lab Webkinz, Thomas the wooden train, and a die-cast Lightning McQueen that he wants to sleep with and truck around everywhere. All 3 of them.

My bigger concern with Timmy's "friends" is that they're somewhat high-value items that might easily get stolen at the playground or in a restaurant. I usually have to coax him into leaving his friends in the car when we go places.

My Jacob used to have a cat named "Kitty Cat" that had to go with us everywhere. You can even see in our photo albums the "Kitty Cat" phase when he was 2 1/2 years old.