Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bloggy Love

Yesterday Tracie from Coffee with the Crains awarded Amanda and I with the "Sharing the Love" Bloggy award!!! Yay for Amanda and myself! :-)

I have never met Tracie in real life. I found her blog through Rebekah's and read it almost everyday!!! Tracie has morphed from a complete stranger to a friend that sent me a beautiful angel when my dad passed away. She has a big heart, creative talents, and a spunky personality... I like spunk!

The rules of this bloggy award require me to pass on the love. I spent the last day thinking about who I should give it to. I enjoy so many blogs.

And the award goes to:

Dawn at Must Love Tots!!!

She deserves some Bloggy Love!!! Dawn has been one of my dearest friends since the 7th grade... that's a long time! When she studied abroad in Geramany, she took a short flight to England to visit me for Easter of 2001. We've been through a lot together like boys, heartaches, junior high track, and now we are at a new level of friendship as we share our parenting experiences. She is a FABULOUS mother. She is an AMAZING friend - I could list a gazillion times Dawn has been there for me. And, she is proving to be an EXCELLENT daughter as she stays positive and a rock as her mother battles the evil cancer.

Dawn, enjoy your "Sharing The Love" Bloggy award!!! Make sure to pass it on!

Love ya,


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Dawn said...

Thank you! Wow, I have some thinking to do...