Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Random Stuff...
* Yesterday I had to exchange our faulty cable box for a good one at the cable place. The nice front desk lady opened the cabinet, grabbed a new cable box, then made a disgusted face. I didn't think much of it until she asked the male technician, "Can you please get a Clorox wipe and clean the inside of the cabinet?"
He looked inside and didn't see a mess. She said, "It's there by the box I just put in there. We had a delivery this morning." Still I was clueless.
He looked a little harder and asked, "Do you mean these mouse droppings?"

OK... HELLO... you have 2 paying customers in the room... don't let them know you have a mice problem!!! YUCK-O!!!

* I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a good gift to give Chris for Father's Day. He has a bad case of "If I want it I buy it" syndrome. There is very little that he actually wants or needs that he doesn't have. Why can't he be like me... beg and cry for a bicycle for Mother's Day. I made it so obvious. The main thing on his list is one of those things that wind up your garden hose. How lame-oh... I want to get him something he will actually enjoy. Calvin and I are going shopping later today.

* My back is slowly getting better. There is still one spot that won't let up. But overall, I feel a lot better!!!

* Calvin has been busy going to ballgames. He loves going to Caleb and Aunt Tiffany's games!!!

* The landlord was here this morning. They are going to put in a sump pump and do some other work to keep water from flooding our basement again. YAY!!! :-)

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