Thursday, June 26, 2008

Picture Project

At Dad's visitation there were pictures from different people displayed. My grand idea was to take all of the pictures to a JaFa to have them scanned, put on CD, and 8 copies of the each picture to make albums for me and close family members. This morning JaFa called... they wanted to give me a quote before they did the work. For 65 pictures... to be scanned... and 8 4x6 copies... it was over $1000.00!!! I was shocked! I am so glad she called! I'll scan them myself, post to and order them for less than 10 cents a pic.


Sarah D said...

Just a thought, but have you considered making photo books out of the pics? I have done some on shutterfly, and I know winkflash and all of the photo devolping sites offer them. They are so beautiful and you choose your own page backgrounds and layouts and can add captions. You can buy numerous copies of whatever you make.

$1000 is A LOT!


Dawn said...

Wow. Good thing they called you before you spent all that money.

Also, I had your dad's obituary, business card & prayer card laminated for you. I know paper copies get worn after time and I wanted you to have something that would last. I can drop them by this weekend if you would like.