Friday, June 27, 2008

A Picnic With Dad

Today Calvin and I brought Culvers out to the cemetary and had a picnic with Dad. It was such a beautiful, sunny day with a light breeze. We had a good time. I hope wherever Dad is in heaven, he enjoyed the picnic, too!

So, at the visitation and funeral I couldn't use the word casket... it seemed so morbid to me for some reason. So, when Calvin asked, I simply said that Papa Doug had died and they put him in a special bed.
Today at the cemetary, Calvin... the bright kid that he is, remembered seeing Papa Doug's 'bed' there at the funeral. I explained that they buried Papa Doug in his bed. So today, Calvin and I were talking about all of this and he said, "Papa Doug is jumping on his bed, like a monkey!" I laughed a little... he is so young and innocent. And he finds the perfect words to make me feel a little better.

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Dawn said...

That's so sweet. I'm glad you can do those things with Calvin. It probably helps him too more than you know.
And isn't it amazing how kids know when we need a little refresher?

Sorry I missed your call earlier. I'll try again later.