Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Mom Can Vote... Can You?

I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks...

My mom finally registered to vote!


A few weeks ago my dear mother realized that she had forgotten to renew the registration sticker on her truck. When she contacted the DMV they said not only had she forgotten to renew her registration, but that her driver's license were expired... by 2 years! She couldn't believe it. She had no idea.

She called me in a frantic. She legally could not drive. She had to take the written, vision, and driving test... just like a 16 year old! She was nervous because although she considers herself a good driver (she tries to immitate Tony Stewart's Nascar skills on the road!), the laws can be tricky. She decided to spend a short time at the DMV reviewing the drivers manual. I joked with her about what would happen if she failed... would they make her call me to go pick her up?!? That would have been a good laugh! I even joked that they might ask her how she got to the DMV... knowing that she would drive herself.

Then, I asked her to register to vote while she was at the DMV. She is not super political, does not research the candidates. She does not see the big picture that every vote counts. However, she can see how strongly I feel about our right to vote.

After she PASSED the driving tests and posed for her new picture on her new license... SHE REGISTERED TO VOTE! I am so proud of my mom! Now... if I can just get her to the polling station to vote!

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