Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

Problem: My left shoulder/neck/upper back area is causing me A LOT of pain. I've tried taking lots of Ibuprofen (800 mg at a time 4 or more times a day) since Saturday. It helps a little, but I'm always in some pain. I've tried Icey Hot because it is a miracle drug - no help. The area gets really stiff and if I turn my neck, move my left arm, or making any sudden movement, sharp pains run through it - all the way down to my elbow! I have an infrared heat back massager... but it doesn't really help the pain. Although the pain sounds like it's muscular, it really doesn't feel like a muscle strain.

I haven't slept well because I can't get comfortable. Today, Calvin wanted me to lay down with him in the recliner at naptime. As soon as he fell asleep I had to get up because it hurt too bad.

Chris finally told me tonight to forget about our huge deductible and go to the doctor if I need to. I just don't know what doctor to go to. If I go to my physician, he will more than likely prescribe Tylox or another strong pain killer... not sure that's the right answer. Thought about going to Dr. Ames... but when she starts popping things I get freaked out! Might go to Dr. Frichtl... I'm not as scared of him. I just don't know who to go to.

Any advice?


Shauna said...

YOu know I have had major neck and head problems for a while. My back always hurts - I was at a go to the doctor point - but I decided to load up on water, go to the gym and take my crazy meds on time - it is helping a lot! :) I am sure your problems are not the same as mine though!! I hope you feel better!

Candy said...

sounds like you could have a 1st rib out of place and or trigger points(they are much worse than a muscle spasm) in several of your muscles that control the neck and shoulder. i suggest you see Dr. Frichtl in case you need adjusted due to the muscle tightness. Go to a good massage therapist(I like Deb powers by the mall)and tell her your symptoms and someone suggested they may be trigger points (she will know what you are talking about). The treatment for these is not pleasant but if you can work through the discomfort it will improve in a few days. Use heat not cold because this exacerbates the symptoms. you would also benefit from gentle stretches to your scalene muscles which can refer pain to the arm. Candy Jansen

Dawn said...

I'd do what Candy said. She's my cousin and a great PT. She has worked on me several times and was WONDERFUL. She definitely knows what she's talking about.

Christina said...

Thanks for all of the GREAT advice!!! I'm on hold w/ the VA right now, trying to get into them 1st. I'll keep everyone posted. :-)

Anonymous said...

I would go to Dr. Brittany Riggio infront of the hospital. That is where I go and she does me good everytime.

P.S. and she is HOT! LOL

~Carl~ said...

shit sorry didnt mean to be anonymous ~Carl~