Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Good Friend

Big GIANT Thank-You to my long time friend, Dawn!
She researched my yoga dilema and provided me with 3 evening classes/wk!
YAY! I'm so happy!
Not only did she save me from becoming
a sight for sore eyes at Party Cove this Summer...
But now, we can hang out together... non-kid-interrupted... guilt free!
Dawn, thanks for being the friend that will
grab the Dorito bag out of my hands,
yank me off the couch, and take no excuses!
You Rock!
I hope to see you tomorrow night!


Kimmylyn said...

That is awesome!!! Glad to hear you have such a good friend!!

Dawn said...

I'll ask my mom if she can tot-sit for a bit. I would LOVE to go. Been wanting to but I don't really like doing things like that by myself. I'm not generally goood with new people either.