Friday, June 6, 2008

Christina Reporting LIVE... From My Bed!

Good morning!!!
I am happy to report that my back/neck/arm is feeling a little better today (thx to meds). Yesterday my awesome husband took the afternoon off to drive me to the VA Hospital.
The diagnosis: Muscle Spasms. So, they prescribed me some muscle relaxers and two different pain meds. I was told to go home, no lifting, put heat on the area, and take it easy for a few days until it is healed.

Everyone at the VA Hospital was really nice and caring. We didn't have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen and my prescriptions were ready just as fast afterwards. Although going to the VA Hospital isn't convenient because it's about an hour and a half away... the staff members were sweet, and it was free for me.

In efforts to get rid of this irritating pain, I will not be heading to St. Louis for a shopping trip with Tiffany this weekend... :-( But, I'll get there sometime this month.
The bed is the most comfy place to lay on a heating pad. So, Calvin and I are laying in bed watching cartoons. We're taking it real easy today. :-)

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

So glad you are feeling a little better.

I'm am jealous tho, that you get to stay in bed all day!!

Kimmylyn said...

Happy to hear your feeling a little better.. enjoy your weekend!!

Rebekah said...

don't forget your good friend, Rebekah when you are done taking those muscle relaxers! waste not, want not!

Anonymous said...


great blog..and mums' blog is inspiring too.
Hope you get better.

pritam (miss)

Sarah D said...

Enjoy the down time!

Too bad you had to hurt your back to get it.

Amy said...

So glad you got some time to rest. And I'm glad to hear the VA takes good care of you!!! Love ya!