Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calvin's Hero...

Tonight we went to Caleb's baseball game. Caleb is in Koury leage, now. It's a BIG deal - it's not t-ball, and the coach doesn't pitch to the players. It's the 1st year that the players pitch to each other! These boys put their heart and souls into the game! We watched him totally rock as the team's third-baseman! He can really launch the ball to 1st base! I was totally impressed!!!
Calvin totally idolizes his cousin, Caleb. He talked about going to the game all day long! When we got to the game, he behaved very well and waited very patiently for Caleb to come out of the dugout at the end of the game to spend a little time with him. I hope Caleb knows how cool Calvin thinks he is! He tells me all the time that Caleb is his best friend!!! I'm sooo jealous!

Calvin told me on the way home that Caleb should come to his ballgame. Incase you're wondering, it consists of playing t-ball in the backyard. But hey... I'll make some popcorn, serve some soda... or beer, cheer, and call it a ballgame if it makes him happy! :-)

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Dawn said...

I could handle that. Let us know when ;)