Monday, June 30, 2008

A Walk Through the Gates of Heaven

Over the last few days it has been brought to my family's attention that my Dad did not die alone. There was a lady (that I will leave anonymous) that was driving to work a short distance behind Dad. As she came over the hill she saw the accident immediately after it happened. She is a nurse. And quickly got out of her car to help the other driver and my Dad. The other driver knew my dad was in far worse shape than he was. Even though Dad's car had smoke coming from it, the other driver, Shane, managed to get the passenger door open and the lady climbed inside.

She first found a pulse and tried to talk to my dad. He was unresponsive. She could tell at first sight that he had sustained severe chest damages. However, he did not moan and did not seem to be in any pain. Then, she held his hand as my Dad took one last big sigh and was gone.

I've thought about this lady a lot in the past few days. Although my Dad was holding her hand... to him it could have been his wife Denise's hand - that he wanted to comfort before he passed on. Maybe to Dad, he was holding the hand of his Grandpa Joe, St. Peter, or Jesus himself as they walked through the pearly gates of Heaven together. I will never know exactly what this lady meant to my Dad. But, I do know that her being there comforted him as he passed on to a better place in Heaven with the Angels.

With time, I hope to meet this kind lady and personally thank her. I am eternally grateful to her for what she did for my father.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tractor Pull

If any of you knew my dad all that well, you know he loved a good tractor pull! Within the last 5 or so years he really got into it and he and my brothers, Joseph and Levi pulled regularly.

Not too long ago, Dad took apart the tractor and repainted it. It's more work than it sounds like! Then, this past winter Dad and Dale spent some dough getting the tractor some extra power. Dad talked about his tractor often. He was so proud of it. He was really looking forward to Tractor Pull Season that officially kicked off at Stewardson the day after he passed away.

This weekend, the tractor pull was at Shumway. We couldn't miss it. Joseph and Levi worked hard with Dustin and Dale this week to learn how this new souped up tractor rode. It's a lot different than last year and now she has a mind of her own!!!

I will admit that I bawled as I watched Levi pull first. It hit me... my dad will never pull again. I'll never see him riding the tractor again. Sob... This isn't getting any easier for me.

I am proud to announce that Levi got 3rd in his class and Joseph got 1st in his!!! YAY! I know Dad was smiling down on them from above... okay... let's be real... my Dad was a perfectionist... he would have told the boys what they could have done to pull further. That was just Dad. I miss that.

It would have put a great big smile on Dad's face to watch Dustin Marshall pull. He always wanted Dustin to, but timing just wasn't right. If Dustin could go back in time, he wouldn't have passed up the chance with Dad - his uncle and Godfather.

P.S. Judy McClure donated the signs on the tractor. How sweet is that?!? :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Picnic With Dad

Today Calvin and I brought Culvers out to the cemetary and had a picnic with Dad. It was such a beautiful, sunny day with a light breeze. We had a good time. I hope wherever Dad is in heaven, he enjoyed the picnic, too!

So, at the visitation and funeral I couldn't use the word casket... it seemed so morbid to me for some reason. So, when Calvin asked, I simply said that Papa Doug had died and they put him in a special bed.
Today at the cemetary, Calvin... the bright kid that he is, remembered seeing Papa Doug's 'bed' there at the funeral. I explained that they buried Papa Doug in his bed. So today, Calvin and I were talking about all of this and he said, "Papa Doug is jumping on his bed, like a monkey!" I laughed a little... he is so young and innocent. And he finds the perfect words to make me feel a little better.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Picture Project

At Dad's visitation there were pictures from different people displayed. My grand idea was to take all of the pictures to a JaFa to have them scanned, put on CD, and 8 copies of the each picture to make albums for me and close family members. This morning JaFa called... they wanted to give me a quote before they did the work. For 65 pictures... to be scanned... and 8 4x6 copies... it was over $1000.00!!! I was shocked! I am so glad she called! I'll scan them myself, post to and order them for less than 10 cents a pic.


I got junk mail today - one of those preapproval credit card mailings that includes a fake credit card.
I handed the envelope to Calvin and told him he could have it. He got excited and said, "My e-mail!"
He is still referring to the mail as e-mail... it's a new generation of young people when they don't know what real mail is!!! :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thinking about Dad...

The last few days have been the absolute worst days of my life so far. I have shed so many tears... then I run out of tears for awhile...

I go from complete sadness to confusion to anger to sadness again. I am so tired and just want to sleep. Each time, before I close my eyes, I pray that My Dad will come to me in my dreams. He has not, yet. But I know that he will... some night when I'm far away in dream land.

I do not understand why this happened to My Dad. Why My Dad? At the same time, I do not wish this pain upon anyone else. But, I wish My Dad was still here. I would give anything to hear his voice again... other than his greeting on his voicemail which I can't seem to get enough of. I wish I could hear him call just one more time to ask what Calvin was doing... and to talk to Calvin... because that was afterall the reason he called. The love he had for Calvin was overwhelming. He couldn't get enough of his grandson. And Calvin reciprocated that love back to Dad. He thought his Grandpa was the coolest thing ever!

Over the last few days I've thought about my dad continuously. I know I am fortunate to have had so many years with him - especially in comparison to my sister who is only 15 years old. I know I am lucky that My Dad was at my wedding and proudly walked me down the aisle. It is comforting to know that I gave my dad one of the greatest joys in his life when I gave him his first grandchild. However, I can't stop thinking about how much of dad we are going to miss out on. I mean, he won't be at the things he was supposed to be at like: Calvin's 1st t-ball game, whe we announce that we are expecting future children, when my brother Levi and sister Tiffany graduate high school, when we buy our first house, my brothers' and sister's weddings, retirement with his wife, Denise, and so many other life events that before Friday I took for granted. That's the thing about my dad: He was always there. He was a rock in my life - a constant. I never ever considered losing my dad or what life would be like without him. It was unimaginable.

Now he is gone... and I am living this nightmare.

I know today is Tuesday... wait, it's Wednesday. And I know my dad died Friday morning. But, it seems like it was just yesterday. The weekend, visitation, and funeral are like a blur to me. There are moments I will always remember like seeing my dad at the hospital, hugging the man that hit my dad when he walked through the visitation line, walking arm in arm with my dad's best friend when he said his final goodbyes to Dad, and begging my dad for forgiveness just minutes before they closed the casket.

I know that I did so many things in life to make My Dad proud. Since the accident, so many people have told me stories of how proud My Dad was of me. For all of my faults and all of the let downs I gave him... I hope he forgave me. Maybe I need to forgive myself for all of the wrongs I did to My Dad. I suspect, that will take some time.

My Dad was and always will be very special to me. I was a surprise that came 9 months after Prom Night. In the beginning, he may not have raised me by the book. But, he did his best. And, I have some of the fondest memories of My Dad from when I was very young. When he had me, he took me everywhere. There were no boundaries. It was the 80's and things were different back then... it wasn't frowned upon when he brought me with him to The Dew Drop in T-Town when he was meeting up with his buddies for a drink. Those were some fun times. My Dad taught me so many things like how to drive, how to work hard, how to give back to others, how to be strong, and how to be a good parent.

My Dad always had the highest expectations of me. I never felt like I could achieve all of the dreams he had for me - because as I met one goal, he set the bar a little higher for me. He taught me how to have determination to get whatever you want from life. He taught me to never settle for failure. When I first had Calvin and I was alone, I tried to model My Dad's hard work ethics - to be able to provide for Calvin and myself - on my own.

Friday evening I was asked about writing something special about My Dad and reading it at the visitation. Although so many perfect words and phrases passed through my mind, I could not put them on paper. Sunday morning I started looking online for something to get me started. Instead, I found the perfect poem. I have no idea what website I was on or even the original author. I apologize for that. Sunday night at Dad's visitation with one of my bestfriends, Dawn, at my side - just incase I couldn't finish... I mustered up the strength to read this to a church full of people: many images come to mind
whenever I speak your name;
It seems without you in my life
things will never been the same.

What happened to those lazy days
when I was just a child;
When my life was consumed in you
in your love, and in your smile.

What happened to all those times
when I always looked to you;
No matter what happened in my life
you could make my gray skies blue.

Dad, some times I hear your voice
and turn to see your face;
Yet in my seems
the sound has been erased.

Dad, who will I turn to for answers
when life does not make sense;
Who will be there to hold me close
when the pieces just don't fit.

Oh, Dad, if I could turn back time
and once more hear your voice;
I'd tell you that out of all the dads
you would still be my choice.

Please always know I love you
and no one can take your place;
Years may come and go
but your memory will never be erased.

Today, Jesus, as You are listening
in your home above;
Would you go and find my daddy
and give him all my love.

Thank-you to everyone's thoughts and prayers. I truly appreciate all of them! I have such wonderful friends here... and in blogger land! My dad, Doug Goeckner, was an exceptional man - one that so many people loved. That was proven Sunday at the visitation as I stood there hugging person after person that came through the line for over six hours. He touched so many lives and I believe his presence on Earth made a difference in the world and left a lasting impression on so many lives.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good-bye to my childhood hero. The man that I thought could bend steel, save the world from injustices, and cure any illness. This day truly is the hardest day I have ever been through. This post is covered in tears, full of love, and the saddest post I hope to ever make. I will miss my dad. Calvin will miss his Papa Doug. I will miss the twinkle in dad's eyes when he would look at Calvin. Of all the things my dad and I did together, we definitely argued the best. I will miss our regular debates and how he constantly encouraged me to expand my thoughts. I will miss his loving guidance above all. I will never forget how proud my dad was of me as I graduated basic training, went off to the desert, and the day I gave him his first grandchild. Dad wasn't full of emotional words. Often, it was the little things he did that let me know he loved me unconditionally. I'll never forget the gentle pat on my hand as he tried to choke back tears right before he walked me down the aisle.

Dad, I will miss you always. There will not be a day that goes by that I will not think of you. I ask you to watch over us from above and help us to get through the next few days. Thank-you for everything you have given me, but above all for you unconditional love and support.

Your daughter

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Family Baseball Star... And His Smallest Fan

Calvin LOVES to go to Caleb's baseball games. We all do... but Calvin is so young that the idea of going to his cousin's games is beyond exhilarating! Caleb has the largest cheering section in the stands - by far! When not distracted by dirt/popcorn/etc, Calvin really cheers on Caleb! Sometimes Calvin gets to hang out in the dugout with Uncle Matt. He thinks he's big stuff, then!

I decided he needed a shirt for the games... to feel part of the team...

"Caleb's Smallest Fan"

My Mom Can Vote... Can You?

I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks...

My mom finally registered to vote!


A few weeks ago my dear mother realized that she had forgotten to renew the registration sticker on her truck. When she contacted the DMV they said not only had she forgotten to renew her registration, but that her driver's license were expired... by 2 years! She couldn't believe it. She had no idea.

She called me in a frantic. She legally could not drive. She had to take the written, vision, and driving test... just like a 16 year old! She was nervous because although she considers herself a good driver (she tries to immitate Tony Stewart's Nascar skills on the road!), the laws can be tricky. She decided to spend a short time at the DMV reviewing the drivers manual. I joked with her about what would happen if she failed... would they make her call me to go pick her up?!? That would have been a good laugh! I even joked that they might ask her how she got to the DMV... knowing that she would drive herself.

Then, I asked her to register to vote while she was at the DMV. She is not super political, does not research the candidates. She does not see the big picture that every vote counts. However, she can see how strongly I feel about our right to vote.

After she PASSED the driving tests and posed for her new picture on her new license... SHE REGISTERED TO VOTE! I am so proud of my mom! Now... if I can just get her to the polling station to vote!

My Latest Twisted Method To Weight Loss

Calvin and I went for a walk tonight. We walked/jogged (a little) about 2 1/2 miles. We stopped for Tropical Sno on our walk. Afterwards, it got me thinking about the nutritional facts of a small Tropical Sno. I mean, it's shaved ice and a syrupy flavor... how bad can it be?!?

I ordered a small Sweet Tart (which is also the name of my favorite shot - if you ever wanna buy me one!). According to Tropical Sno's Nutritional Facts index, it should have only had 72 Calories - that is for a 4oz one - I'm assuming that is the small at our Tropical Sno. 72 Calories! That's less than one of those flavorless 100 Calorie Pack snacks! And it tastes sooo yummy!

So, I am going to be guilt-free for having a Tropical Sno treat while I was on my walk. Who knows... maybe that extra sugar gave me some extra energy that put an extra hop in my step; thus resulting in an overall larger calorie burn than without the Tropical Sno. EAT TROPICAL SNO AND LOSE WEIGHT FASTER!

That's my story... and I'm sticking with it! :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love "Cut & Color Day"

My favorite day (every 6-8 weeks) is "Cut & Color Day" - especially now that we're moved back home and I can get my hair done by the beautiful Bridget at The French Quarter Salon and Day Spa!!!

Quite possibly, these were some of the best 2 hours of my week. Bridget, Maria, Stacy, and I caught up on everything. It was so relaxing and fun! If I could afford it, I'd treat myself every week!

Since I didn't think to get a picture of all of us at the salon, I settled for a picture of me at home with my newly highlighted and trimmed hair. :-) Likey likey!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On my way to a bikini body...

Yoga last week was not as intense as I had hoped for. I was hoping for something closer to pilates that really works you out. I don't feel like I got much of a workout. I was inhaling when I should have been exhaling and exhaling when I should have been inhaling. I felt more relaxed than anything during yoga. At the end I was so relaxed I could have easily fallen asleep!

Last night Dawn and I went for a walk. I'm not sure how far we walked - but I'm guessing it was around 2-3 miles. Do you think that's right, Dawn? Afterwards on my drive home I decided to park my car at the court house and jog a bit. I have a set pace for running. For some reason I don't go any slower so after a half mile I was pooped! But, it was a 1/2 mile and to me that is a small accomplishment!

I know I am not any thinner today that I was yesterday. However, I feel better about myself. And that's what counts, right?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Update

FIRST, Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads out there!!!

On to the Weekend Update:

Friday night, after Calvin and I made dewicious homemade pizzas, we all headed to Tom and Susan's. At the last minute, they decided to have the grandkids for a sleepover! We had too much going on Saturday to let Calvin stay, but he got to play with his cousins. He had a really good time! The best part was watching Jaden and Caleb rollerblade and roller skate in the basement... they kept falling down! It was very funny to watch!

Saturday was my cousin Chelsea's wedding to her now-husband, Chance. First, I have to tell you that Chelsea looked absolutely gorgeous. She truly glowed on her big day! The wedding was so nice - we got to see family that we don't get to see often enough. We picked up precious baby, Cooper John before the wedding so he could be there, too!

Later that evening, we had Father's Day at Niemerg's for my dad's side including my Dad, Grandpa, and uncles. Can't really beat Niemerg's!!! Good food! :-) Calvin picked out 2 Hallmark music cards for Dad and Grandpa. However, Grandpa didn't hear the music 'til Tiffany put it up to his ear! They need to make cards where you can read the lips for the hearing impaired! ;-)

Calvin and Cooper had a sleepover! Cooper slept all night! I did not! I was up every few hours checking to make sure he was still breathing since he hadn't woke up. I know... I'm paranoid... But, we don't have him often enough to know his sleep habits. Now, I'm sleepy.

Sunday... Happy Father's Day! Today was a very good day! We were up around 7:30 with Cooper. He was all smiles and giggles when he woke up... so refreshing. Calvin woke-up around 8:30 and was eager to give Dad his Father's Day gift! He got Chris a new CD player for his truck. It needed a new one! And, Chris got a very cool green and yellow plaid tie to go with a new yellow dress shirt. Likey Likey! :-) The best part of the gift were the cards: 1 came from where I uploaded pictures of Chris and Calvin and on the front of the card it said, "Dad, You're #1." This is funny because Calvin aways tells us he's #1! The 2nd card was super special because it was a Hallmark Indiana Jones music/recordable card that had Calvin's recording of, "I love you, DAD!" and the Indiana Jones theme song!!!

Cooper left by 10:30 to go to Mom's for awhile. They were both happy to see each other!

We headed out to the Probst lake lot for Father's Day! I think Tom really liked the Home Depot measuring tape gift card from the family! It was so nice to see so much of the family out together! Calvin got to play with lots of his cousins.... but mostly, Stella! Those two are so close in age and get along so well.

While we were out at the lake, most of the kids went swimming! Good times! Then, Chris and Calvin got in. Now, Calvin couldn't touch so he was decked out in his life jacket and arm floaties. I was proud of Calvin for getting in since he couldn't touch. He stayed attached to Chris most of the time. Then... they swam (Chris swam... Calvin just tagged along) to the neighbor's dock and climbed up. They headed out towards the diving board. First, Chris dove in. Then... after a little convincing, Calvin put all of his trust in Chris and jumped off of the diving board!!! I was SO PROUD!

Overall, we had a good weekend... busy, but good! Online classes for Summer semester start tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'm having problems uploading pictures to Dropshots. As soon as the savy techie peeps over there fix the problem there will be LOTS of new pics! Stay tuned!
I hope everyone else had a great Father's Day weekend!!!

Before It's Too Late...


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swim Swim Swim... swim like a fish...

Today, Calvin and I went to Lytle Pool with Aunt Dawn, Amber, and Tiffany. We had a FANTASTIC time! This was our 1st swim of Summer! The water was a little cold at first but felt so good in the hot hot hot weather!

We can't wait to go again!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Good Friend

Big GIANT Thank-You to my long time friend, Dawn!
She researched my yoga dilema and provided me with 3 evening classes/wk!
YAY! I'm so happy!
Not only did she save me from becoming
a sight for sore eyes at Party Cove this Summer...
But now, we can hang out together... non-kid-interrupted... guilt free!
Dawn, thanks for being the friend that will
grab the Dorito bag out of my hands,
yank me off the couch, and take no excuses!
You Rock!
I hope to see you tomorrow night!


I'm out of shape.

I know it.

I'm not as toned as I used to be.

I enjoy yoga and pilates.

I lack the self discipline to do them at home.

Apparently, few people do Yoga or Pilates in the area.

My options: 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday mornings at a gym

or Wednesdays from 9:00-10:00 a.m. with the Park District.

My question... What about the other 6 days in the week?!?

I wish they were offered 3 times a week.

I'm bummed.

Anybody in the area know of a secret yoga hot spot?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random News

Quote by Lionel Richie:

"Forget about surviving 40 years in the music business," Lionel Richie told the audience. "Just surviving 27 years of Nicole Richie has been a struggle-and-a-half, I want to tell you. I stand here as a survivor, I want you to know, for all the parents out there."

Liam Aaron is a big brother! Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are parents to baby Stella Doreen McDermott!,2933,364849,00.html

Obama Practices Looking-Off-Into-Future Pose

Subtle muscular adjustments can show, from left, wistfulness, determination, and unbridled hopefulness.

CHICAGO—As the 2008 presidential election draws closer, Democrat Barack Obama has reportedly been working tirelessly with his top political strategists to perfect his looking-off-into-the-future pose, which many believe is vital to the success of the Illinois senator's campaign.
When performed correctly, the pose involves Obama standing upright with his back arched and his chest thrust out, his shoulders positioned 1.3 feet apart and opened slightly at a 14-degree angle, and his eyes transfixed on a predetermined point between 500 and 600 yards away. Advisers say this creates the illusion that Obama is looking forward to a bright future, while the downturned corners of his lips indicate that he acknowledges the problems of the present.

"The senator spends six hours a day gazing resolutely off into the distance," said chief political strategist David Axelrod, who regularly analyzes video of the pose with Obama, pinpoints areas that need improvement, and makes necessary tweaks.

"It is critical to get every detail right," Axelrod continued. "If he looks up an inch too high, he appears aloof or confused. If he looks down too low, it appears that he is distracted by something in the back of the auditorium. If the curvature of his upper lip is not at the exact 0.87-centimeter radius, it reads that he does not care about preserving the environment for future generations."

The article goes on and on... Read: if you think this is some funny stuff! (We all know this isn't true... he's too busy to spend 6 hours a day practicing... probably only 2! hahaha... LMAO!)


Incase you're wondering, the 2 suspected "thong bandits" pictured above and in a recent post are in custody. Wow... I can sleep better tonight... 2 prissy robbers that couldn't get their act together enough to not get caught on camera during the robery and are now not smart enough to run to Mexico to escape punishment have been caught. Gee... they're real winners!

Sorry, I find that whole story a little humorous! :-)


Random Stuff...
* Yesterday I had to exchange our faulty cable box for a good one at the cable place. The nice front desk lady opened the cabinet, grabbed a new cable box, then made a disgusted face. I didn't think much of it until she asked the male technician, "Can you please get a Clorox wipe and clean the inside of the cabinet?"
He looked inside and didn't see a mess. She said, "It's there by the box I just put in there. We had a delivery this morning." Still I was clueless.
He looked a little harder and asked, "Do you mean these mouse droppings?"

OK... HELLO... you have 2 paying customers in the room... don't let them know you have a mice problem!!! YUCK-O!!!

* I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a good gift to give Chris for Father's Day. He has a bad case of "If I want it I buy it" syndrome. There is very little that he actually wants or needs that he doesn't have. Why can't he be like me... beg and cry for a bicycle for Mother's Day. I made it so obvious. The main thing on his list is one of those things that wind up your garden hose. How lame-oh... I want to get him something he will actually enjoy. Calvin and I are going shopping later today.

* My back is slowly getting better. There is still one spot that won't let up. But overall, I feel a lot better!!!

* Calvin has been busy going to ballgames. He loves going to Caleb and Aunt Tiffany's games!!!

* The landlord was here this morning. They are going to put in a sump pump and do some other work to keep water from flooding our basement again. YAY!!! :-)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Wet Weekend!

Friday it rained and rained and rained. Chris got sent home early from work because they had no electricity and several cars were damaged by a flying billboard.
When he got home he immediately checked out the basement. There was just a little water in one corner. By 9:30 the water was over 2 feet high in our basement! It covered the third step. Chris had unplugged the deepfreezer before the water got too high. It was floating on its side. There was nothing we could do at the time. So, we went to bed.
We weren't in bed too long before we heard a loud "BOOM" coming from the basement. All of our stuff stacked in rubbermaid tubs on pallets were knocked over by all of the water! We could see saved wedding programs floating in the water. It was too risky to get in the water to save our stuff - we could have been electricuted.
Since I was pretty drugged up on muscle relaxants and pain killers, I slept fine - without any worries or concerns about our ruined stuff in the basement. However, Chris was up most of the night, upset about the damage.
By Saturday morning the water had drained and we were left with 3/4" - 1" of mudd covering the entire basement floor. Since I was little help because of my back/neck/left arm pain, Tom came over to help Chris. They carried all of our stuff from the basement outside to dry. It was depressing to see ruined wedding memorabilia, winter clothes, and precious books that are irreplacable. Worst of all: The dryer was broke!!!
After waiting over 24 hours with a fan on the dryer to dry... it still didn't work. We went to Sears today and got a new one.
Unfortunately, our rental insurance doesn't cover flood damage. We are hoping that the people we are renting from has good home owner's insurance on the place and we'll get our money back from this disaster. We also hope they will put a sump pump in the basement to prevent this from happening again.
I know... it could have been worse... yes... you are right... but we're still upset. :-(

I hope everyone else had a dryer weekend! :-)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Christina Reporting LIVE... From My Bed!

Good morning!!!
I am happy to report that my back/neck/arm is feeling a little better today (thx to meds). Yesterday my awesome husband took the afternoon off to drive me to the VA Hospital.
The diagnosis: Muscle Spasms. So, they prescribed me some muscle relaxers and two different pain meds. I was told to go home, no lifting, put heat on the area, and take it easy for a few days until it is healed.

Everyone at the VA Hospital was really nice and caring. We didn't have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen and my prescriptions were ready just as fast afterwards. Although going to the VA Hospital isn't convenient because it's about an hour and a half away... the staff members were sweet, and it was free for me.

In efforts to get rid of this irritating pain, I will not be heading to St. Louis for a shopping trip with Tiffany this weekend... :-( But, I'll get there sometime this month.
The bed is the most comfy place to lay on a heating pad. So, Calvin and I are laying in bed watching cartoons. We're taking it real easy today. :-)

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!! :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

Problem: My left shoulder/neck/upper back area is causing me A LOT of pain. I've tried taking lots of Ibuprofen (800 mg at a time 4 or more times a day) since Saturday. It helps a little, but I'm always in some pain. I've tried Icey Hot because it is a miracle drug - no help. The area gets really stiff and if I turn my neck, move my left arm, or making any sudden movement, sharp pains run through it - all the way down to my elbow! I have an infrared heat back massager... but it doesn't really help the pain. Although the pain sounds like it's muscular, it really doesn't feel like a muscle strain.

I haven't slept well because I can't get comfortable. Today, Calvin wanted me to lay down with him in the recliner at naptime. As soon as he fell asleep I had to get up because it hurt too bad.

Chris finally told me tonight to forget about our huge deductible and go to the doctor if I need to. I just don't know what doctor to go to. If I go to my physician, he will more than likely prescribe Tylox or another strong pain killer... not sure that's the right answer. Thought about going to Dr. Ames... but when she starts popping things I get freaked out! Might go to Dr. Frichtl... I'm not as scared of him. I just don't know who to go to.

Any advice?

Spiritual Warfare

I just watched this video at Blah Blah Blog. It was so touching that I had to share it with you. The few minutes it will take you to watch this video will be some of the best minutes of your entire day.

Today Show Thoughts...

This morning as I was working around the house I heard Hoda and Kathy Lee from the Today Show talking about a possibility in the airline world...

How would you feel if you were asked to step on the scale when checking in for your flight??? The same scale that they throw your luggage onto. Your weight would be broadcasted to anyone standing up at the counter. And... if your weight was deemed, too high you would have to pay extra to fly!!!

I for one, would not like anyone to weigh me! It is none of their business what I weigh!!! My weight is very private to me.

However, I will admit that once I flew from Frankfurt to London Hethrow and sat next to a turkish man that not only smelled like b.o. but also took up a big part of my seat because he was fairly large. It has happened more than just once that I had to share part of my full-priced seat with a larger individual because he/she took up more than just their own seat. It was frustrating. Afterwards, I joked that maybe airline tickets shoud be sold by the width of your butt - if it's wider than the seat then you should pay more. (Reminder, I was just joking) :-)

I understand that the rising fuel price is taking an effect on the airline industry... but weighing your passengers to get an extra buck... is that necessary?!? They've already stopped handing out pillows. They charge for nuts, pretzels, and snacks. The luxuries of flying are a thing of the past. They might as well throw us in a C5 cargo plane... oh wait, they'd probably charge us for earplugs!

Kathy Lee Gifford said if airlines start weighing their passengers... she'll just stay home. How do you feel about airlines considering charging more because of your weight? Is it fair?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Calvin's Hero...

Tonight we went to Caleb's baseball game. Caleb is in Koury leage, now. It's a BIG deal - it's not t-ball, and the coach doesn't pitch to the players. It's the 1st year that the players pitch to each other! These boys put their heart and souls into the game! We watched him totally rock as the team's third-baseman! He can really launch the ball to 1st base! I was totally impressed!!!
Calvin totally idolizes his cousin, Caleb. He talked about going to the game all day long! When we got to the game, he behaved very well and waited very patiently for Caleb to come out of the dugout at the end of the game to spend a little time with him. I hope Caleb knows how cool Calvin thinks he is! He tells me all the time that Caleb is his best friend!!! I'm sooo jealous!

Calvin told me on the way home that Caleb should come to his ballgame. Incase you're wondering, it consists of playing t-ball in the backyard. But hey... I'll make some popcorn, serve some soda... or beer, cheer, and call it a ballgame if it makes him happy! :-)

I feel like it's been months...

So... I haven't had access to the internet since Friday... I feel like it has been months. Does this mean I have some sort of addiction??? I'm dying to read everyone's blogs and catch up on what's new with all of you.

We are moved into the new house. It's much larger than our condo. Calvin loves it for the "2 yards" (front and back yards). I didn't realize how much I missed our full sized washer and dryer! In the condo we used the much smaller stackable ones... that held like 6 shirts at a time! Chris is enjoying the basement... although it is old, dark, and a little scary... he likes it... it must be a guy thing! ;-)

I'm enjoying my new desk. I just love love love! I found a super cute desk w/ bookshelf/hutch last week for $40! I'm going to refinish it and do some fun paint stuff on it. Might use some of Calvin's expertise painting skills for this project! Last week we also bought a black baker's rack for $10!!! It looks so cute in the new kitchen with my pink Kitchen Aid mixer on it. :-) I feel like I did some yard-sale-ing online... it's like the good deals without having to beat the rush of a yard sale at 0600 on a Saturday morning! ;-)