Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yummo or Icko?

Does this platter of savory beef stew and rice with carrots and peas look yummy to you???

Are you wondering if I made this for dinner???

Well, on at least 3 occassions I have seen the commercial with this delicate stew... and each time I either commented or thought to myself, "That looks so good!"
Everytime, I thought it was a Lean Cuisine or a Healthy Choice meal like:

I was fooled! It's dog food!!!
I don't eat dog food - I swear! But, man that stuff looks good! Reminds me of when I was a little girl and convinced my cousin Stacy Burgener (Marshall) that the dry dog food at Grandma's was really Fruit Loops!!! She totaly ate it! Hehehe!
Anyway back to my point:
I don't have a dog and I don't pretend to understand the obsessions some dog owners have with their pets. But, really... who buys these Beneful Prepared Meals??? That platter looks nicer than most of the meals I make... for my human family!


Sarah D said...

That's funny, we used to do the same thing with dog food at Stacy's cousin's Melissa& Jessica Smith's house when we were little. Nathan got fed dog food by us girls on more than one occasion.

Christina said...

Nathan... I haven't seen him since Patsy's funeral. I love that guy! Such a sweetheart! :-) I used to love going sled riding with him!!!

Sarah D said...

Nathan...he is one of the good ones.

Dawn said...

Gia just gets the dry stuff. But I've seen what you are talking about.

And we are free on Saturday night for movies!

Major Mom said...

OMG! I have a dog who we spoil quite a bit, but not enough to serve him super-fancily-prepared meals!

I'm curious as to whether the Beneful prepared meal ACTUALLY looks like what's pictured here. I might have to go out and buy one, photograph the reality and then compare it to the advertised picture...tee hee!