Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Break

Along with the end of my final exams came the end of Calvin's school days. I'm taking online classes this Summer so I can spend extra time with Calvin (and save a ton on daycare!).

Anyway, today was his last day at school.

I didn't think I'd be so emotional... but sniff sniff... I got a little teary eyed as his friends and teachers told him good-bye. Especially when Calvin's best friend, Maddox, gave him a big hug.

Then, a few others came to give Calvin a big group hug... this is what happened:

They all fell down!

Calvin will miss all of his friends and teachers! But, we will have a ton of fun staying home together this Summer! Besides, we left with a bang - all of the kids loved the fish cupcake-cake!

They didn't even care that the nose of the fish got smashed in transport! I love kids! Anyway, this cake came from Wal-Mart. I'd never bought a cake from Wal-Mart before... mostly because back home Mary Niccum made all of our special occasion cakes. I will admit that this cake was much better than I ever expected. It was so cute, and the cupcakes worked out perfectly for the kids. :-)

So, here's to Summer... may the rain stop and the sunshine begin! We're ready for afternoons at the pool, trips to the petting zoo, and lots and lots of bike rides!


Dawn said...

Oh, so sweet!

And the cake looks awesome!

Major Mom said...

My two boys' preschool graduations are this coming week -- I always get so emotional, mostly from saying goodbye to the teachers. This year I know will be really emotional because of our upcoming we have to say goodbye to almost EVERYONE! Sniff sniff.

That cupcake cake was beautiful!

Kimmylyn said...

That cake really looks awesome.. I love how they all fell down while taking the picture.. too cute.