Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Starting a Blogger Prayer Chain

My very dear friend Dawn's mother, Marilyn, is battling lung cancer... again. Not that long ago she was cancer free and we were all so happy! But, a few months ago it came back.
In light of recent tests that show that her cancer is growing apx. 15-20% each month, I beg each of you to add Marilyn to your daily prayers. In times like this, the only thing we can do is pray. I strongly believe in the power of prayer.
Spreading the word that someone needs a prayer can sometimes be hard. If you could, please add a post to your blog asking your readers to pray for her. This could be the fastest way to get the most people to pray for Marilyn.
You can keep up to date on Marilyn's battle at or
Thank-you to all of my Sugar Sweet Thoughts' readers. I love all of you!


Sarah D said...


Done and done!

Dawn said...

Thank you! I'm crying, but it's happiness that I have you for such a great friend.

Thank you for everything!

Rebekah said...

Prayers are heading up! thanks, Christina for being such a wonderful friend! Im sure Dawn knows how lucky she is!