Thursday, May 29, 2008

In The News Today:

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to check-up on news. I went to tonight for the latest... this is what I found.

To sum up the story, 2 men with thong panties covering their faces robed a gas station in Colorado. The panties don't appear to be Victoria's Secret. And, in my opinion they were stupid to not steal gas while they were there! Hello - gas is worth a ton of $$$!!!

Huge Flying Reptiles May Have Eaten Baby Dinosaurs

Apparently, now there is some kind of proof that sometime between 65 million and 230 million years ago there were some giant reptile birds that ate baby dinosaurs. They are being referred to as paleo-bullies. I don't pretend to be a paleontologist... I have no idea how humans can know so much about the planet earth that long ago. Jurassic Park pretty much sums it up best for me. :-)

And last but not least...

Video Purportedly Showing Space Aliens to Be Released

Amy, we might need some confirmation from the Air and Space Intelligence Center... j/k! :-) But, yeah there is this guy that swears he saw 4 foot tall grey aliens blinking as they looked in a window. He is working to get 4000 signatures from residents in the Denver, CO area to get a proposal on the ballot to set up a commission to prepare for visits from space aliens. Thank goodness Alicia will soon be on her way back to Illinois... away from the crazies in Denver! :-)

He is planning to release video footage on Friday (tomorrow) that proves that aliens really exist. I'm guessing one of the following scerios happens (humorous):

1.) A CIA sniper shoots him in his sleep and takes the video to a top secret, undisclosed location.

2.) The footage is released and the so called aliens are really rays of light through a spectrum or some sort of photography glitch.

3.) The man is institutionalized. And by government order, hyped up on drugs the rest of his life so he can no longer speak of the aliens.

I could totally make a David Letterman Top 10 List out of this! :-) Good stuff!

To all of my readers... if you are abducted by aliens will you please bring me back a souvenior? Thanks! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thing-Faced Thieves....


I am still laughing so hard...can't even type!

Anonymous said...

So much come to many words...and thoughts....but it would be sooooo distasteful to even mention on your blog.


Still laughing!