Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream For Ice cream!!!

The three of us went to Jarlings for an ice cream dessert. As we pulled in the parking lot the sky started to rumble with thunder and we felt a couple drops of rain as we walked in. Since most of their seating is outside, we hoped for the best... that the rain would patiently wait for us to finish our ice cream. No such luck. We enjoyed about 2 bites before we rushed to the truck to finish the rest.

After Calvin devoured his chocolate ice cream he ate the remainder (vanilla ice cream) of what was my cold fudge sundae. (Remember, I don't eat white food - including vanilla ice cream w/ no toppings - so I wouldn't have eaten the rest). He insisted on giving me a bite...

This is me... wiping the "white" vanilla ice cream off my tongue. It took everything inside me not to throw-up. Gagging... yuck!

After my whole "white-food drama" Chris and Calvin finished their ice cream as we watched the rain poor outside.

Calvin started to sing a familiar rhyme from Dr. Seuss's, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? He tried to sing as best as he could remember the line, "He can sound like the rain...DIBBLE DIBBLE DIBBLE DOPP DIBBLE DIBBLE DIBBLE DIBBLE DOPP DOPP DOPP." It was so cute... I had to get it on video.


Dawn said...

That's so cute! Daelyn loves that book too.

And I can actually visualize you trying not to throw up.

Elizabeth said...

So cute! I miss the little cutie and you guys! Oh, and Jarlings too!