Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have to ask...

So, some have you noticed the new Feedjit widget on the sidebar
that says where readers are coming from.
I gotta ask because it's driving me crazy...
Who is the dedicated reader from Strasburg???
I'm dying to know. :-)


Major Mom said...

Ha ha! I did something similar when I first installed my Feedjit back in January. Someone from Elkridge, MD keeps visiting and I (still) don't know who it is.

My other statistics generator, StatCounter, traces the IP addresses to a more central location based on the Internet Service Provider, so my Dad hitting my blog from Inwood, WV in Feedjit (his true location) shows up as Costa Mesa, CA on StatCounter.

I've learned a lot about the Internet as a web of confusion through these widgets!

Christina said...

Ah-hah... so the person might not actually be in Srasburg... I need to do StatCounter... Thanks for the info. :-)