Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have a pounding headache. Heading to bed in a few minutes. Thought I'd take a minute to gripe about my day.

Chris called this morning to say that our landlord emailed him... and went back on his word. He originally stated that we could get out of our lease at any time. That was before we signed the lease. Now, he is denying it. He's a big fat liar. There... I said it... I feel a little better.

The morning was productive: Mom and I moved a van and truck load of stuff to our new house. So, that was good.

I left a message for our current landlord for him to call me. I wanted to use my "you're a piece of crap, authoritative tone of voice" with him. He returned my call. It didn't go well. I tried to be polite, understanding, professional, and even apologetic. It got me nowhere. I got angry - which means I started talking to him in the same tone Rebekah used on the Jimmy John's guy when he messed up my order! It wasn't good.

Calvin and I rushed to get back up to Champaign to show the condo to some people. 1 of the 4 appointments never showed. How rude!!! And another showed up 45 minutes late!!! It was 9:45 p.m. when they got here! Hello... we were ready to go to bed!

Good note: We picked up my new desk... a $40 steal from Craigslist. :-) I'm excited and plan to do a fun paint project on it.

Bad: Chris and I are both grouchy. As if moving wasn't stressful enough, now our landlord is being a jerk. We never would have looked for a place to move if we thought we were stuck in a lease. Even though we didn't think we were, we had already started to look for a new renter, as a courtesy to our landlord since he lives in California. So much for being nice to people... some people just don't care.

Since we're grouchy, our patience is wearing thin. Poor Calvin... he's feeling the stress, too. And to get our attention he's doing anything - including becoming Mr. Bossy Pants... that ends with him going to time-out.

Where oh where is the stress ball Aaron Stortzum got me for Christmas a couple years ago?!? I need it, now!

I'm ready to find a new tenant, finish moving this week, and be stress free for a little while. I'm also ready to use the fresh strawberries Susan got us the other day for some fresh strawberry daiquiries!


Rebekah said...

it sounds like I should ( posing as you, of course ) be calling up this landlord of yours. Maybe by the time I'm done with him he will pay YOU to leave.

Christina said...

You're a saint! :-) If it doesn't get much better I might have to take you up on that offer!!!

Dawn said...

That SO sucks. Is any one interested in the condo so far?

Christina said...

I've shown it to several people and there have been a couple interested. 2 more showings today and 1 scheduled for tomorrow. I wish it was as easy as telling him to keep our deposit to let us out of the lease.