Monday, May 12, 2008

A Delicious Hobby?

This afternoon I took Calvin to get a cake for Friday... his last day at daycare. I'm taking online classes this Summer so there's no need to pay a crap load of money on daycare! So, he needed a cake to take in for all of his friends and teachers to party it up a little before he says good-bye. I decided he should have a cupcake-cake.... you know the ones that look like 1 big cake because the design over the cupcakes look like 1 cake. I'll take pics on Friday for a visual.

Anyway, went to Schnuck's... I was annoyed (that happens fairly easily) because the lady working the bakery pretty much admitted that she was clueless as to what kind of cakes they could do so I'd have to return tomorrow. She said the baker would probably be there between 10am and 1pm. Probably?!? Gbye... we headed to Wal-Mart!

Picked out a cute cupcake-cake... in the shape of a big (24 cupcake) fish! I'm super excited about it. So, is Calvin. But, as I looked at the design I thought to myself, "Tiffany and I could so totally do this!" There's not much that we can't do when we put our minds to it! But, daycare policy: No homemade food. Must be store-bought.

Anyway, tonight I was checking out a blog that I recently found... or rather she found me via the Grey's Anatomy post. Major Mom has a post about a cake she made for a friend - it is amazing! Seriously!!! Anyway, she has a link for other cakes she's made - and they are awesome! For Christmas... I want cake decorating tools! I might not be any good at it... but man, I'll enjoy every bite of trying!!!


Amanda M said...

Oh how I love to decorate food. By the way...what happened to the pic of Chris running in the ocean? It looked so baywatch. Did he finally talk you into taking it off our blog? Love the new look!

Christina said...

haha... I knew that pic bothered him so much so I just decided to leave it off this time. ;-)

Major Mom said...
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Major Mom said...


Thanks for the kind blog love, Christina!

The cupcake cake is something I plan to attempt next. As early as next week! My boys are "graduating" from preschool, I have one "Penguin" and one "Butterfly" so I'm thinking of cupcake cakes in those animal-shapes.

I'm glad my boys' preschool still allows homemade foods, although we have a lot of allergy sensitivities, so we need to label what we make if it contains nuts, eggs, strawberries, etc.

Best of luck with the cake decorating. While my classes were a lot of fun, Wilton's line of classbooks works well for the self-motivated person and you can buy the books at any craft store (Michael's or A.C. Moore).

Dawn said...

Yummm, I wanna be there when you do the baking!

Maryann Goldman said...

I'm a friend of Major Mom's. I'm FotoMom. I took a look at your pictures and am totally impressed that you're taking pictures nearly every day like me. It's not often that I meet someone who's as glued to their camera as I am. If you have time for a quick look or a long browse, my pics are on Picasa and SmugMug. and
Really enjoy your blog. Linked mine to your site.