Thursday, May 22, 2008


Calvin is 2.
He loves clothes.
He changes them multiple times a day to reflect his mood.
I am constantly doing his laundry!
Lately, I've been catching him without underwear on!
At first I thought he forgot to put them back on after going potty or after an outfit change.
But, when I try to put underwear on him...
he says that he doesn't like underwear and doesn't want to wear them!
I don't understand. That's weird.
That's right, Calvin... Mom called YOU weird! ;-)
So, yeah... I get him to put underwear on...
and within a couple hours they're missing again!
He's being sneaky about it!!!
Calvin, leave your underwear on!!!


Dawn said...

Haha! That's too funny and impossibly cute!

Rebekah said...

he's smart! undies are too restricting!

Sarah D said...

Maybe Calvin's Mother should give it a try. He may be onto something!

Christina said...

Rebekah & Sarah... ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?!? You don't wear underwear?!? ;-) I can't give mine up! I love to shop for them too much!
Do Jack & Cooper wear underwear?

Sarah D said...

Oh, I totally wear underwear. Rebekah on the other hand......

Maybe Calvin just likes the free feeling!

Yes, Jack wears underwear. Boxer briefs most of the time. They are too cute!

Aubrey said...

Too funny! Grady went through the same funny business about being w/o undies, he is fine with them now. But, then there are those darn wedgies!!

Maryann Goldman said...

Recently, my son Joey decided that he doesn't need to wear underwear. He's 5. I made a compromise. You keep them on during the day, and you don't have to wear them with your PJs. So far, he's sticking to our agreement;-)