Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bloggers Always Welcome!

Hi guys and gals! I want to start off by saying that I truly enjoy blogging. The blogger network has given me the opportunity to make lots of new cyber-friends that are there for me on my good days and my bad. They listen to me when I'm happy and when I'm grouchy! Someday, there will be a holiday in appreciation of blog friends! hehehe...

Anyway, recently I added a widget that shows where my readers are coming from. You know the one... a few of you have this widget, now. ;-) Anyway, I had never really put much thought into how many hits I get a day or week... but seeing this widget change frequently throughout the day got me thinking about all of the people out there that take the time to read my blog.

I'm honored. :-)

I had no idea I was getting so much traffic - mostly because most readers are not leaving comments. Just an fyi: you can leave a comment as anonymous, but please sign your name at the bottom of your comment. :-)

So, at the very bottom of the screen you will find a guestbook for you to sign. If you want to take a few extra minutes you can upload your picture - but that's not necessary. I feel like so many people out there know all about me and I don't know you.

Please take the time to sign the guestbook. Thanks!


Aubrey said...

Okay, I feel like I'm at a blogger's anonymous meeting...

My name is Aubrey and I secretly read your blog!

I went to school with Amanda M and Rebekah and found you through their blogs. I enjoy reading all the funnies about your son - I have a blog as well....check it out. I won't be offended if you read it secretly. Ha ha!

Kimmylyn said...

Love the guestbook idea!! okay, so I am sorry I have not stopped by here in a while.. sick kids leave no blogging time for mama.. :)

Happy Belated Mother's Day...and I love the fact that you nearly threw up because your son wanted you to taste his ice cream.. too cute!!!

Dawn said...

Need to look into getting one of your traffic feeds....and I love your new layout!

Major Mom said...

I use a tool called Stat Counter tucked at the bottom of my blog to generate some SERIOUS statistics of my readers.

Check it out, it's easy!

Yep, Big Sister is watching you!