Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Report

Ladies and Gents,
I am pleased to announce that I met with the future tenant of our condo and he signed the lease - starting June 1st! Yay!!! :-)

So, no more hard work to find a tenant. No more postings on craigslist. And no more showings! It's official!!!

I hope he enjoys the place as much as we have! The neighbors are great, it's quiet, the walking trails and lake are beautiful! I could go on and on.

I'm a little sad to move. But, we are ready to move back closer to friends and family. :-)

Tomorrow is the BIG moving day!!!
Dear Mom,

I know how much you like to carry a wicker basket handbag in the Summer months. Today, I saw an awesome bag online and I knew I would have to get it for you... it just seemed like the "perfect" bag for you! I knew you would absolutely LOVE it and I would forever be your favorite daughter if I bought you this amazing wicker basket handbag!

I didn't even mind that it cost $495.00. I love you that much! ;-)

Please, please, please, don't cry... I am sorry to report that it is SOLD OUT! I am sooo sorry. I hope you can live through the Summer without this bag.



Thursday, May 29, 2008

In The News Today:

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to check-up on news. I went to tonight for the latest... this is what I found.

To sum up the story, 2 men with thong panties covering their faces robed a gas station in Colorado. The panties don't appear to be Victoria's Secret. And, in my opinion they were stupid to not steal gas while they were there! Hello - gas is worth a ton of $$$!!!

Huge Flying Reptiles May Have Eaten Baby Dinosaurs

Apparently, now there is some kind of proof that sometime between 65 million and 230 million years ago there were some giant reptile birds that ate baby dinosaurs. They are being referred to as paleo-bullies. I don't pretend to be a paleontologist... I have no idea how humans can know so much about the planet earth that long ago. Jurassic Park pretty much sums it up best for me. :-)

And last but not least...

Video Purportedly Showing Space Aliens to Be Released

Amy, we might need some confirmation from the Air and Space Intelligence Center... j/k! :-) But, yeah there is this guy that swears he saw 4 foot tall grey aliens blinking as they looked in a window. He is working to get 4000 signatures from residents in the Denver, CO area to get a proposal on the ballot to set up a commission to prepare for visits from space aliens. Thank goodness Alicia will soon be on her way back to Illinois... away from the crazies in Denver! :-)

He is planning to release video footage on Friday (tomorrow) that proves that aliens really exist. I'm guessing one of the following scerios happens (humorous):

1.) A CIA sniper shoots him in his sleep and takes the video to a top secret, undisclosed location.

2.) The footage is released and the so called aliens are really rays of light through a spectrum or some sort of photography glitch.

3.) The man is institutionalized. And by government order, hyped up on drugs the rest of his life so he can no longer speak of the aliens.

I could totally make a David Letterman Top 10 List out of this! :-) Good stuff!

To all of my readers... if you are abducted by aliens will you please bring me back a souvenior? Thanks! :-)

Do me a favor. Keep your fingers crossed until 1:30 tomorrow! That's when the new tenant is supposed to meet me to sign the lease... then we will be free of the hassle of finding people to move in and no obligations to pay further rent. I'm trying not to get excited because the guy could still back out until tomorrow. Just keep your fingers crossed and say an extra prayer for us tonight. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have to ask...

So, some have you noticed the new Feedjit widget on the sidebar
that says where readers are coming from.
I gotta ask because it's driving me crazy...
Who is the dedicated reader from Strasburg???
I'm dying to know. :-)


I have a pounding headache. Heading to bed in a few minutes. Thought I'd take a minute to gripe about my day.

Chris called this morning to say that our landlord emailed him... and went back on his word. He originally stated that we could get out of our lease at any time. That was before we signed the lease. Now, he is denying it. He's a big fat liar. There... I said it... I feel a little better.

The morning was productive: Mom and I moved a van and truck load of stuff to our new house. So, that was good.

I left a message for our current landlord for him to call me. I wanted to use my "you're a piece of crap, authoritative tone of voice" with him. He returned my call. It didn't go well. I tried to be polite, understanding, professional, and even apologetic. It got me nowhere. I got angry - which means I started talking to him in the same tone Rebekah used on the Jimmy John's guy when he messed up my order! It wasn't good.

Calvin and I rushed to get back up to Champaign to show the condo to some people. 1 of the 4 appointments never showed. How rude!!! And another showed up 45 minutes late!!! It was 9:45 p.m. when they got here! Hello... we were ready to go to bed!

Good note: We picked up my new desk... a $40 steal from Craigslist. :-) I'm excited and plan to do a fun paint project on it.

Bad: Chris and I are both grouchy. As if moving wasn't stressful enough, now our landlord is being a jerk. We never would have looked for a place to move if we thought we were stuck in a lease. Even though we didn't think we were, we had already started to look for a new renter, as a courtesy to our landlord since he lives in California. So much for being nice to people... some people just don't care.

Since we're grouchy, our patience is wearing thin. Poor Calvin... he's feeling the stress, too. And to get our attention he's doing anything - including becoming Mr. Bossy Pants... that ends with him going to time-out.

Where oh where is the stress ball Aaron Stortzum got me for Christmas a couple years ago?!? I need it, now!

I'm ready to find a new tenant, finish moving this week, and be stress free for a little while. I'm also ready to use the fresh strawberries Susan got us the other day for some fresh strawberry daiquiries!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Update

It's Tuesday... that sounds so much better than Monday! I'm exhausted today. My knees and hips ache. We spent most of the long weekend moving stuff to our new house and cleaning it. We don't remember it being so dirty when we looked at it last week! It took most of Sunday and Monday to get it clean! It still has a gross wet dog smell in the living room. We even shampooed it! Yuck! Other than the living room odor - the rest of the house is clean and ready to be moved into on Saturday.

Shout out to Tom & Susan for making it squeaky clean!

I can't pretend that the weekend was all hard work... Indiana Jones was AWESOME!!! We met up with Matt, Wendy, and Caleb to see it. I think they loved it, too! If you're wondering, Indiana Jones is still a hottie!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Do anything exciting?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Thoughts...

"Here Rests
In Honored Glory
An American Soldier
Known But To God"

The Sentinels Creed
My dedication to this sacred duty is total and wholehearted.
In the responsibility bestowed on me never will I falter.
And with dignity and perseverance my standard will remain perfection.
Through the years of diligence and praise and the discomfort of the elements,
I will walk my tour in humble reverence to the best of my ability.
It is he who commands the respect I protect.
His bravery that made us so proud.
Surrounded by well meaning crowds by day alone in the thoughtful peace of night,
this soldier will in honored glory rest under my eternal vigilance.

Friday, May 23, 2008


One more day... ONE MORE DAY!!!

TOMORROW, we are meeting Matt, Wendy, and Caleb to see...


Calvin was wide awake and perky before 0500!
He woke me up and asked, "Go to MY grandma's now???"
I told him he had to go back to sleep for at least another hour. He tossed, turned, and fidgetted until I finally got really stern with him and said, "If you do not go back to sleep right now, YOU will not go to your grandma's!" I'm not pleasant in the morning. I'd prefer not to talk to people before 0900. And I know that Grandma won't make him take a nap, so I really wanted him to get some more sleep.
He quickly rolled over and buried his precious head in the pillow, trying with all his might to go back to sleep. But, he had no luck. He was too excited about going camping with Grandma and Grandpa!
Calvin got to ride to work with Chris (at 0610) where Grandma and Grandpa were waiting to pick him up. We will pick him up tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Calvin is 2.
He loves clothes.
He changes them multiple times a day to reflect his mood.
I am constantly doing his laundry!
Lately, I've been catching him without underwear on!
At first I thought he forgot to put them back on after going potty or after an outfit change.
But, when I try to put underwear on him...
he says that he doesn't like underwear and doesn't want to wear them!
I don't understand. That's weird.
That's right, Calvin... Mom called YOU weird! ;-)
So, yeah... I get him to put underwear on...
and within a couple hours they're missing again!
He's being sneaky about it!!!
Calvin, leave your underwear on!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

T-Town, Here We Come!!!

I have big news for our friends and family back home...


I can just see the expression on some of your faces as you sit there in disbelief because we just moved to Champaign in November/December of 2007. :-) This is not a joke... we are serious!

I always enjoyed living far away from home and having my own adventures. However, I did not realize how much I'd miss sharing Calvin's adventures with friends and familly back home. So, after a lot of thought and debating, we have decided to move back.

We have looked for houses to buy for about a month. But, we haven't found "the one," yet. We found a steal on a 3 bedroom house to rent in T-Town and we jumped on the opportunity.

We will be moved by June 1st!!!

If you are wondering... if my calculations are correct... this will be the 23rd place I've lived in!!! Is that like a record?!?

Our current landlord moved to California days after we moved in. So, it would be pretty hard for him to find a tenant. So, we're helping him out until we move. I took some pics today of our place and posted them on - now you an see what our place looks like. :-)

A Hairy Mystery...

Ever wonder where the hair comes from in your refrigerator???
Today I cleaned out our refrigerator... it was long overdue. After removing the shelves and crisper drawers, I found hair at the bottom of the fridge! I was totally grossed out!
I don't brush my hair in the refrigerator and I doubt that Chris shaves in their, either. So, where does it come from???

My theory:
There is a hairy troll that sneaks into our house after we're asleep. First, he raids our house, messing everything up. This explains why I clean and clean but our house always looks messy! Then, he eats all of our food, which explains why we spend a fortune on groceries, but never have anything to make or dinner! This troll likes to try on my clothes and then puts them in the dirty clothes basket - the reason I do laundry like 24/7! Finally, for shits and giggles he shaves in the refrigerator!!! ;-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby News!!!

I am happy to announce the birth of a
future Newton Eagle football player!!!

Dustin & Bethany Marshall
Are the PROUD parents of

Dalton Allen Marshall!!!

Congratulations to the Marshall's!!!
Bethany and baby Dalton are doing well. I expect that they probably went home from the hospital today. I've heard rumors that you can't wipe the big ear-to-ear grin off of Dustin's face!

Blogger Award Time!

After much thought and consideration I have finally decided who to pass on the E for Excellent blogger award that Sarah Sez graciously awarded me last week.

Drum roll, please.... And the winner is....

I just met Patricia via the Grey's Anatomy post over a week ago. Anyway, I started reading her blog... and I love it!!! She tells it like it is... and I love that about her! She's a stay at home mom for 2 little boys. As if that's not enough, she is also a United States Air Force Reserves weather officer after spending 10 years active duty in the USAF!
I feel like Patricia and I connect on different levels - like we just get each other's humor. Maybe it's an Air Force thing! :-)
So, Paticia... enjoy your blogger award... and don't forget to pass it on!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Break

Along with the end of my final exams came the end of Calvin's school days. I'm taking online classes this Summer so I can spend extra time with Calvin (and save a ton on daycare!).

Anyway, today was his last day at school.

I didn't think I'd be so emotional... but sniff sniff... I got a little teary eyed as his friends and teachers told him good-bye. Especially when Calvin's best friend, Maddox, gave him a big hug.

Then, a few others came to give Calvin a big group hug... this is what happened:

They all fell down!

Calvin will miss all of his friends and teachers! But, we will have a ton of fun staying home together this Summer! Besides, we left with a bang - all of the kids loved the fish cupcake-cake!

They didn't even care that the nose of the fish got smashed in transport! I love kids! Anyway, this cake came from Wal-Mart. I'd never bought a cake from Wal-Mart before... mostly because back home Mary Niccum made all of our special occasion cakes. I will admit that this cake was much better than I ever expected. It was so cute, and the cupcakes worked out perfectly for the kids. :-)

So, here's to Summer... may the rain stop and the sunshine begin! We're ready for afternoons at the pool, trips to the petting zoo, and lots and lots of bike rides!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yummo or Icko?

Does this platter of savory beef stew and rice with carrots and peas look yummy to you???

Are you wondering if I made this for dinner???

Well, on at least 3 occassions I have seen the commercial with this delicate stew... and each time I either commented or thought to myself, "That looks so good!"
Everytime, I thought it was a Lean Cuisine or a Healthy Choice meal like:

I was fooled! It's dog food!!!
I don't eat dog food - I swear! But, man that stuff looks good! Reminds me of when I was a little girl and convinced my cousin Stacy Burgener (Marshall) that the dry dog food at Grandma's was really Fruit Loops!!! She totaly ate it! Hehehe!
Anyway back to my point:
I don't have a dog and I don't pretend to understand the obsessions some dog owners have with their pets. But, really... who buys these Beneful Prepared Meals??? That platter looks nicer than most of the meals I make... for my human family!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bloggers Always Welcome!

Hi guys and gals! I want to start off by saying that I truly enjoy blogging. The blogger network has given me the opportunity to make lots of new cyber-friends that are there for me on my good days and my bad. They listen to me when I'm happy and when I'm grouchy! Someday, there will be a holiday in appreciation of blog friends! hehehe...

Anyway, recently I added a widget that shows where my readers are coming from. You know the one... a few of you have this widget, now. ;-) Anyway, I had never really put much thought into how many hits I get a day or week... but seeing this widget change frequently throughout the day got me thinking about all of the people out there that take the time to read my blog.

I'm honored. :-)

I had no idea I was getting so much traffic - mostly because most readers are not leaving comments. Just an fyi: you can leave a comment as anonymous, but please sign your name at the bottom of your comment. :-)

So, at the very bottom of the screen you will find a guestbook for you to sign. If you want to take a few extra minutes you can upload your picture - but that's not necessary. I feel like so many people out there know all about me and I don't know you.

Please take the time to sign the guestbook. Thanks!

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream For Ice cream!!!

The three of us went to Jarlings for an ice cream dessert. As we pulled in the parking lot the sky started to rumble with thunder and we felt a couple drops of rain as we walked in. Since most of their seating is outside, we hoped for the best... that the rain would patiently wait for us to finish our ice cream. No such luck. We enjoyed about 2 bites before we rushed to the truck to finish the rest.

After Calvin devoured his chocolate ice cream he ate the remainder (vanilla ice cream) of what was my cold fudge sundae. (Remember, I don't eat white food - including vanilla ice cream w/ no toppings - so I wouldn't have eaten the rest). He insisted on giving me a bite...

This is me... wiping the "white" vanilla ice cream off my tongue. It took everything inside me not to throw-up. Gagging... yuck!

After my whole "white-food drama" Chris and Calvin finished their ice cream as we watched the rain poor outside.

Calvin started to sing a familiar rhyme from Dr. Seuss's, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? He tried to sing as best as he could remember the line, "He can sound like the rain...DIBBLE DIBBLE DIBBLE DOPP DIBBLE DIBBLE DIBBLE DIBBLE DOPP DOPP DOPP." It was so cute... I had to get it on video.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Delicious Hobby?

This afternoon I took Calvin to get a cake for Friday... his last day at daycare. I'm taking online classes this Summer so there's no need to pay a crap load of money on daycare! So, he needed a cake to take in for all of his friends and teachers to party it up a little before he says good-bye. I decided he should have a cupcake-cake.... you know the ones that look like 1 big cake because the design over the cupcakes look like 1 cake. I'll take pics on Friday for a visual.

Anyway, went to Schnuck's... I was annoyed (that happens fairly easily) because the lady working the bakery pretty much admitted that she was clueless as to what kind of cakes they could do so I'd have to return tomorrow. She said the baker would probably be there between 10am and 1pm. Probably?!? Gbye... we headed to Wal-Mart!

Picked out a cute cupcake-cake... in the shape of a big (24 cupcake) fish! I'm super excited about it. So, is Calvin. But, as I looked at the design I thought to myself, "Tiffany and I could so totally do this!" There's not much that we can't do when we put our minds to it! But, daycare policy: No homemade food. Must be store-bought.

Anyway, tonight I was checking out a blog that I recently found... or rather she found me via the Grey's Anatomy post. Major Mom has a post about a cake she made for a friend - it is amazing! Seriously!!! Anyway, she has a link for other cakes she's made - and they are awesome! For Christmas... I want cake decorating tools! I might not be any good at it... but man, I'll enjoy every bite of trying!!!

Blogger Award

Sarah from Sarah Sez has presented me with my VERY 1st Blogger award!!!
Special thanks to Sarah for being such a great blogging friend. I've never met Sarah. She's the sister of my friend Rebekah that I used to work with. She is the wife of Cliff and Mommy of Jack and soon-to-be-here baby! I have a feeling that Sarah and I will meet someday - we both have a passion for shopping... primarily for our sons!

I am so honored to receive this award!

So, now I have the great responsibility to pass this award along to another blogger... give me a few days... I will post the winner, soon!!!

Thanks again, Sarah!!!

((Hugs)) To G.W.

Dear Mr. President,
I got my big fat check from the IRS.
Wanted to personally thank you!
Not sure what I'm going to use it for.
But, I know you want us to spend it on something fun...
kind of like a splurge... so...
I'll try to use it for shoes and handbags! J/k!
((Hugs to G.W.))

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was super special. Chris and Calvin made a big brunch that was fit for a Queen! We hung out most of the day watching movies and relaxing. Then, Chris grilled some delicious steaks for dinner! Yummo!!! I also got to spend a few hours working on a painting... it's somewhat abstract - and I really don't know if I like it. Not sure if it is even salvageable. Oh well, I had fun.

In between rain showers, Calvin and I went for a short bike ride. (Reminder: Chris and Calvin got me a bicycle for Mother's Day a few weeks ago)

I got cards from Chris, Calvin, and Amy (including a new pic of Jackson). My favorite card has to be the one from Calvin. Apparently he picked it out himself - which makes it a little funnier.

Everytime Calvin opens this card he says, "No work!" He expects cards to sing. Chris got out his Star Wars music card we got him for his birthday so Calvin would have a music card to play with yesterday. That made him happy. :-)

I hope all of the other mom's out there had a fabulous Mother's Day, too!!!

Back up...

It's 1:45 A.M.... I'm going to bed. ((yawn))

Special thanks to Sarah Sez for showing me some great blogger templates! I hope you don't mind that I got one from the same site. I can't wait to see your new layout!

I think this one is super cute... wish it had 3 columns... but I can't have it all, right? And, well... I spent about 2 hours looking for a 3 column one that was a.) free and b.) I liked. No luck.
So, I hope everyone enjoys the new look. It feels more like me. :-)

Someday soon... I hope to be able to design my own layouts. When I get started, I hope Shauna has some pointers for me! Her layouts rock! I just don't want to pay for something that I'm determined to learn to do myself. ;-)

Also, if I forgot to add you to my Sweet & Tasty Blog list... just comment here and let me know. I'll add ya. It's late and I just couldn't remember much of anything.

Good-night. Sleep tight.

Don't wake me up before 8:00 tomorrow!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I backed up my blog and even copied the code to notepad as double protection from losing anything. Anyway, my template is here - I can see my widgets when I look at the layout, but there is nothing inside of the widgets. Grrr... All that time I spent perfecting it - well almost perfect - for nothing.

Anyway, I wasn't 100% sure that I loved the new template anyway, so now I'm going to find a new one. I wish I could make my own... maybe someday.

It's 11:48 p.m... I'd go to bed and deal w/ this tomorrow but I'll toss and turn and have angry-blog dreams or something weird. Might as well stay up with my pitcher of over-sugared (is there such a thing?) caffeinated tea. :-) I hope to have things up and going by morning.

Sarah - I expect to see your new layout tomorrow! :-) What a great site!!!

Sleep tight, fellow bloggers!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend 2008

To all of the mothers out there: Thank-you!
I like to believe that the world is a better place because of the love of moms. :-)
If mom's got paid for all of their hardwork, sleepless nights, and ability to heal wounds with a mere kiss, then we'd be millionaires!

I declare that the whole weekend be dedicated to us - the moms!
It's Friday afternoon - and I've already decided that I'm not cooking...
I'm taking it easy. Relaxing.
Hoping the rain stops so Calvin and I can take a nice long bike ride this weekend. :-)
Courtesy of Sarah Sez' Netflix giveaway, I will be enjoying Juno, P.S. I love You, and Toy Story this weekend!!! THANK-YOU, SARAH!!!

Tiny Dresses

Yesterday Laura W. and I were at Forever 21 looking for her a cute/springy/flirty dress to wear to a wedding this weekend. To quote Laura, "All of these dresses look like they're for big kids!" We laughed at how tiny these dresses were! They'd cover like 1/2 of me!

Adjustable Waist Shorts

If you have kids - particularly, toddlers - you know that just because your child is 3 doesn't mean he/she wears a 3T. Kids have inbetween sizes - just like all of us grown-ups do. Like how you wear a different size jeans depending on the brands - you know what I mean. That's why I love adjustable waist shorts/pants for Calvin! They're like cusomizable-sized shorts.

It's May - which means it's time to finish up Calvin's Summer wardrobe. He's 2 so every season he needs all new clothes because the ones from the previous year don't fit anymore. Last year when he was 1 1/2, he wore size 18 months shorts. He tried them on a few nights ago... they still fit in the waist but he looked like he'd get a lot of wedgies! So, I decided I had to get him some new ones.

I had this picture of a nylon/cotton blend khaki shorts stuck in my head. I found some at Children's Place yesterday - but they were too big. It was clear that I had to find these shorts with an adjustable waist.

I searched the mall and Old Navy. No luck. I found some heavy cotton khaki shorts w/ adjustable waists, but they just looked too thick and he'd get hot in them.

Finally, I decided to try Target... SCORE!!! There were 2 different lines of shorts with adjustable waists - including their Osh Kosh line... I was sooo happy! Even happier when I got them for $7.99-$9.99 each.
Too bad he couldn't wear the regular Circo shorts they had - very cute and were only $3.99 ea!

So... Calvin is ready for Summer! He has all of the clothes to be cool, comfy, and stylish. :-)
Anyway, I had so much fun shopping for Calvin. It's one of my most favorite things to do!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Need to vent for a second...
Chris and Calvin are in bed. It's 9:30 ish. One of our neighbors downstairs is beating on a drum - repeatedly - with no rhythm. I want to march down there and beat on the drums with his head!
I know I sound really mean right now. Just angry - and really annoyed!
If Calvin wakes up, I might be so furious that I'll cry. Too many sleep-deprived nights lately. He's finally feeling better and I just really want to get some good sleep!!! I bet the noisy drummer isn't a parent... so he/she doesn't understand.

Grey's Anatomy

Anyone else shocked by the 2 gay soldiers on Grey's Anatomy tonight???
I'm all about supporting gay rights and trust me if one of my children are gay I will proudly raise a rainbow flag infront of our house!

However, I thought it was somewhat ungracious to have the actors portray gay soldiers - one of which was in uniform. The military has a strict 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. It is a clear violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and is grounds for discharge.
Anyway, I just thought it was a little inappropriate for the gay lovers to be soldiers - that's all I'm saying.

Chris of course thought of it differently. He was concerned about Calvin seeing 2 men kissing on television. It's something that 10 years ago we didn't really have to worry about. Up until now, I will honestly say that I haven't been the best at screening Calvin's t.v. I mean, I haven't let him watch South Park... ;-)

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy opened my eyes - I will start monitoring the television shows Calvin is allowed to watch - even if it means I have to watch Grey's Anatomy on my computer after he goes to sleep (we don't have tivo).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


WARNING! I'm going to be making some changes to my blog in the next day or maybe longer. Bear w/ me...

Starting a Blogger Prayer Chain

My very dear friend Dawn's mother, Marilyn, is battling lung cancer... again. Not that long ago she was cancer free and we were all so happy! But, a few months ago it came back.
In light of recent tests that show that her cancer is growing apx. 15-20% each month, I beg each of you to add Marilyn to your daily prayers. In times like this, the only thing we can do is pray. I strongly believe in the power of prayer.
Spreading the word that someone needs a prayer can sometimes be hard. If you could, please add a post to your blog asking your readers to pray for her. This could be the fastest way to get the most people to pray for Marilyn.
You can keep up to date on Marilyn's battle at or
Thank-you to all of my Sugar Sweet Thoughts' readers. I love all of you!

Night Out!


Chris and I were in Effy again last weekend. We decided to hit the bars! It is very, very, very rare to find us out at the bars. BUT, when you do... you'll find that we don't just have a few drinks... we party like Rock Stars!

So happy that Wendy came out... and brought Nate along with her! I had a GREAT time! Thanks for letting us crash at your house! I don't think any of us felt good on Sunday. Chris kept cussing the tequilla he drank the night before! I felt kind of bad for him. Not sure when we'll be out again... probably be a few months... but next time Matt should come, too!

Friday, May 2, 2008


The other day, Rebekah declared that she is a self-proclaimed tanning bed addict. I thought it was kind of funny how she said it. Made me chuckle a bit. :-)
I cancelled my tan membership as of May 14th so I'm trying to tan regularly up until then.
Today, I went to tan. It was 3:02 p.m. In a very Delta Nu kind of way, the college girl working told me I would have to wait until 3:20 p.m. I looked at her with confusion - probably rolled my eyes... You can't tan twice w/in 24 hours... gee... I was 18 minutes away from the 24 hour mark!
Are you kidding me?!?
This place charges an arm and a leg anyway, I have to provide my own eye wear that they make me show them prior to tanning, and now they won't let me tan because I was 18 minutes short of 24 hours?!?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Last of the Weddig Pix

Me & Brother Jake

I finally got the last of the wedding pix uploaded to These are from late in the dance. There are some not so hot ones, some blurry ones, some funny ones, and of course some drunk ones! Enjoy!
Being sent to bed early (8:30) was not punishment. I did it out of love because you were very grouchy. I thouht you needed the extra sleep. I promise that I did not send you to bed early because I did not want to spend time with you. Because, I did! So, acting out for attention really wasn't needed. The 5+ times you got up for a drink and the multiple trips to the potty were unnecessary. But, when those didn't get much attention... you didn't need to poop your pants!!!