Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Do You Do On Sundays?

So, what do you do on Sundays?
We normally hang out at home and relax (church? We go Saturday night). Gloomy Sundays, such as today, are usually spent laying on the couch and watching movies.
Today was a little special. My grandparents and sister drove up for the afternoon. It was nice. We made them a nice dinner and then... grandma asked the question I would have bet a million dollars she would ask, "Can Calvin just come home with us tonight?"
Since I have to drive down there tomorrow anyway, I agreed. You would have thought Santa Claus was coming again by Calvin's reaction. He was so excited. So, we packed his bag and away they went.
So, what were Chris and I going to do the rest of the evening???
I convinced Chris to go bike shopping with me. I've wanted a bicycle for a couple years. And, Sarah completely inspired me to get off my butt and go out bike riding. Well, Chris was only convinced to go and look at bikes... not to buy one... and unfortunately he stuck to his guns. Grrr... rationality sucks! But, maybe it was a good thing because I know what kind of bike I want and can see it in my head. Somehow, in my mind, the bike has to be perfect - to go along with my perfect bike-riding fantasy... that in reality, won't exist... I'm clumsy and will have a 2 year old on back...
And, I didn't find the perfect bike today. I am going to Hoelscher's in Effingham tomorrow to check out their selection. :-) Of course, this doesn't mean I can get a bicycle right away... it's supposed to be my Mother's Day gift... so no idea when or if I'll get one... but I'm hoping!!!
BUT, looking at bikes was fun. Something so kid-like. Remember when you got a bike for a birthday or Christmas? Remember that magical feeling? I kind of felt that today. It was refreshing. Chris and I also took test-rides around the toy departments at several stores... and never got in trouble! hehehe... :-)


Sarah D said...

An inspiration to exercise?

That's a new one for me! Thanks!

You really should check out the bike outlet store in Olney. The prices are amazing.

Susan said...

I tried to call Hoelscher's, but I get a recording stating the # is not in service, so apparently they are closed. News to me! Hey, would you consider a used bike? We have too many in our garage and I've always told each of our kids that they are welcome to take one. I know they are not what you are dreaming of, but they are a great price!