Saturday, April 19, 2008

Update on the BIG paper

So, I have been working on my BIG research paper for Eng. 102 for about a month. I've read books, searched for articles, created outlines upon outlines, wrote a prospectus paper, and... wrote a full rough draft that was due yesterday.
I wrote just over 10 pages about parenting in the 21st century. My focus was to talk about how parenting has evolved and the new resources and concerns parents today have. Well... apparently my professor didn't like that. Why in the world she didn't tell me weeks ago when I turned in a prospectus paper is a mystery to me! She wants me to focus on discipline. Okay... that wouldn't have been a problem weeks ago... but now, I have less than a week to do lots of research and remodel my paper to direct some of my thoughts in the way she wants.
Basically, at the end of the meeting with her, she had cut out about 3 pages of my paper because she didn't feel that talking about childhood disorders that are more popular today than decades ago such as autism and ADHD were relevant and she doesn't think I should discuss child safety laws that are enforced today.
After going through my works cited list, she decided that since she wanted me to work on focusing on discipline that at least 3 of my sources weren't needed anymore. Great. Glad I read/skimmed those books!

So, right now I'm just frustrated. I worked hard on this paper. It was very well written. I knew she'd probably have suggestions for me and I needed to add a few opposing views, but I had no idea she would practically scrap my paper and have me start over. :-(

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Dawn said...

That sucks that she didn't tell you all that before you worked your tail off. But, at least now, your paper will be more of what she wants which means a better grade.
Best luck woman!