Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Ramblings

This morning when Calvin and I got to his school we were overwhelmed by the screaming/yelling/whining child in the back of the room (who was sitting in a wagon because the teachers say he cries the least in the wagon). We feel bad for him because he is new and is having a hard time adjusting to Chesterbrook Academy. But, Calvin is having a hard time understanding why this boy is upset all of the time. I've tried to convince him to hang out w/ this little boy and be his friend because maybe that will cheer him up. But, Calvin insists that he doesn't want to. So, I have been urging him to stick close to Maddox (b.f.). Well, this morning Maddox wasn't at school. His mom is one of Calvin's teachers and she said Maddox was at home w/ his grandma and grandpa. Calvin looked at me and said, "I go to my Mama Betty's, too!" Not only was Calvin missing his best friend, but now he thought that Maddox was hanging out at Grandma Betty's. I knew then that it might be a rough day for him.

When I got to school this afternoon to pick him up, the new little boy was still crying/screaming/whining and some of the other kids were starting to do the same. 2 year olds just don't understand when someone else is upset. Calvin gave me a look like, "Thank-you soooo much for saving me from this nut house! I hope you brought some Flintstone's to cure the massive headache I have!" There were even a couple other kiddos that grabbed their jackets and wanted to go home with us. It was seriously that bad!
Right after Calvin and I walked out into the hallway, we saw a man out there looking into Calvin's classroom. He didn't look familiar, but I was sure he was someone's dad. I said, "Man, it's loud in there! I'd go crazy!" I half laughed as I was joking with the gentleman but he didn't seem so enthused with my humor. A few minutes later after I got Calvin strapped in his carseat and we were about to leave the parking lot, I saw that same man walk out of the school... holding the hand of the little boy that cried/screamed/whined all day. I was somewhat embarrassed by my comments. Insert foot in mouth!

We got in the car and Calvin asked if he could get a Happy Meal.
I tried to think of a good reason why he couldn't.
I came up with, "I don't have any money? Do you?"
He replied, "No."
Then a couple seconds later he added, "Aunt Dawn has money! She will buy me a Happy Meal!"
I nodded my head and agreed that if Aunt Dawn were there she surely would buy him a Happy Meal. She misses Calvin... and apparently Calvin misses her, too.

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