Sunday, April 27, 2008


What a weekend... really, what a weekend! Busy busy busy!
Here's a recap:

FRIDAY: After school me and Calvin packed the car and headed to Tom and Susan's (Chris's parents) for the weekend. All 3 of us were excited to have a weekend back home. Soon after we got there, Tom got a phone call from Matt (Chris's brother). Matt, Wendy, and Caleb were stranded alongside the road after their truck broke down... on their way to a Cardinal's game! Ugh... So, we quickly ate and then Tom and Chris left in a Super-Hero, Ordner-like fashion to help Matt get their truck back to Effy.
Calvin and I headed to Dawn & Weldon's house... we love those guys! I was very much in need of some Dawn time. I miss her! Calvin and Daelyn were ready to see each other, too. Too bad we got there too late to see baby Weldon before he went to bed. :-(
Afterwards we headed back to Tom & Susan's and got to spend some time with Bill and Elizabeth. By the way HUGE thank-you to Bill, Elizabeth, Matt, Wendy, Cole, and Alicia for the new pans! They are awesome... right, Bill? He's the new cookware know-all in the fam. :-)
SATURDAY: In the morning Chris went to work (until noon) so Calvin and I went to Grandma & Grandpa's. Not sure if they even noticed me... they were all hugs and kisses with the Calvster! Just kidding... they obviously knew I was there since Calvin can't drive himself! hehehe.
That evening we met up w/ Matt, Wendy, and Caleb for dinner and then to Homewood Grill for some ice cream! "Deeewicious!" Then, we headed to their house to check out Caleb's new bedroom and game room. Matt and Wendy did a fantabulous job! Looks straight out of TLC or HGTV!
After we left their house we stopped by Billi and Aaron's. Baby Noah is so precious! Cute. Cute. Cute! Calvin and Louis were excited to see each other. And, I think Chris was ready to have a beer w/ Aaron! Billi and I got to catch up on news.

SUNDAY: Today's Sunday... it was a busy day. My mom had to work so we went to see her at work and enjoyed some brunch there. Yumm-O. The rest of the day... well, more info on that stuff in upcoming weeks. We did get to see Grandma & Grandpa Probst again today. Spending time with them is so refreshing. They are just two of the most special people I have ever met. Apparently Calvin thinks so too because he has taken a special liking for Grandpa. :-)
Tonight when we got home I went straight to work on my Chemistry project. It's due tomorrow. Devon (Chem partner) and I started it on Friday. He did his fair share of the research on the drug we have to present: Quazepam... it's for insomnia if you're curious... usually prescibed as Doral. So, I did a little research and then put it all together... I think it looks pretty sharp. I just hope it has enough technical-chemistry-mumbo-jumbo to get the grade!

And last but certainly not least... this is quite possibly the funniest part of our weekend!


Sarah D said...

um....when did you sleep?

Dawn said...

Looove the pics and can't wait to hear about the "other" details...;)