Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's Allergy Season!

Today must be the official 1st day of Allergy Season!
You know, the season that stretches from the
budding of trees in the Spring to the 1st freeze in late Fall!!!
This afternoon the pollen really started to take an affect on me... Let me give you a visual: My nose turned a raw red from wiping it so much, my cheeks got puffy, and my right eye started to swell shut.
I looked like something out of an alien horror film.

God bless my husband!
He couldn't bear to see me in anymore pain. He shut all of the windows and turned on the air conditioner. And now, Chris and Calvin are out buying me more medicine!
I think their little trip also involves stopping for ice cream. :-)
I may have to make a special trip to Effingham to see Dr. Ames... she's a miracle worker... she helped me build a defense against pollen last year.
My thoughts go out to all of the other allergy-sufferers out there!
Hang in there! :-)

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