Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bike Ride

Calvin and I went for a bike ride this afternoon. We rode to Jarlings for some ice cream. Most of the ride was good. But, when we got on Kirby and there were all of those big fast cars I got a little freaked out. We had to cross Kirby to go to IGA to get some cash. Then cross back over Kirby to get to Jarling's for ice cream. Scary!
Calvin loved his ice cream - chocolate of course! I thought I ordered the equivalent of a lemon slush from Homewood Grill. But, I ended up with some lemon custard thing that did not taste very good. I'm looking forward to going to Homewood Grill Saturday night!!!
On our way back we almost got hit by a car that almost got hit by another car. All the while, Calvin was giggling in his seat... enjoying every minute of it! :-) He wanted me to honk my bike horn like every 2 seconds!
I rode probably close to 2 miles. That was enough for me today - having a 2 year old on back makes biking a lot of work! We came across some mowers on our way back and that triggered a sneeze reaction. Ugh... Now, I feel yucky.

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Dawn said...

Hurrah for bike rides! The man and I walked down to Homewood on Sunday and had some ice cream. It was delish!