Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Baby That Is My Calvin

Tidbits and stories about my sweet child, Calvin.

Calvin is 2.
His Birthday is in August and I've already started plans for the big 3rd Birthday party!

He can be shy at first, especially in big crowds.
But, bring a puppy on a walk or to the park, and he will instantly be your best friend.

He likes it when I bring him fruitsnacks and a drink to the bathtub... that's 1st class service!
Every once in awhile he'll bring me some when I'm in the shower!

He love love loves having his picture taken! Immediately he'll say, "Me see it!"
Why in the world he cried when we got the grandkids together for a picture is beyond me!

"Mom, what's this?" As he points to his nipple today in the shower. Ummm... Ummm... what to say... whats pc? So, after stalling for a few seconds I told him the truth, "It's a polka dot!"
I'm just not ready for him to know the names of real body parts. We refer to his penis as an Alligator!

Calvin likes to repeat what I say, immediately after I say it. Picture this: Last Friday night we were at the McDonald's drive-thru. I ordered... but I'm sure the lady heard something to the effect of: "One 6 piece Chicken CHICKEN McNugget McNuggets, Mom? Yes, Calvin - shush! Okay... Mighty Kids Meal. My Happy Meal!!! Don't eat my Happy Meal! CALVIN - seriously, shush! Okay... with a Hi-C. My soda with MY Happy Meal! Don't eat it! CALVIN - be quiet now, or you're not getting a Happy Meal!..." It continued as I ordered my part of the meal - a Double Cheeseburger Mighty Kids Meal. I seriously glared at Calvin and told him if my sandwich ended up having onions on it I was going to be furious with him for messing up the order. :-)

He was born at just 5lbs 15oz. By far the cutes baby I've ever seen in my life. He was welcomed into this world by my best friend, Tiffany, in his face with a camera in the operating room seconds after he was born!

Calvin told me today that there is a crocodile in Mattis Lake (that we walked around today) and that the crocodile is eating all of the turtles.
Okay, then - sure. Whatever you say, sweetie

He loves all things cheese! Cheese dip, crackers, sandwiches... whatever. Often, he adds it to his own concoctions. Last night he made a cheese & pickle sandwich on bread. This reminded me of the time I watched his Aunt Elizabeth eat a pickle with Ketchup on it after we got back from a bar.

Everything is, "Me do it! Mom, ME do it! Don't help me!" So I don't. I wait for him to ask... and I smile on the inside when he asks because it reminds me that he's still a baby and needs me.

Calvin was baptized when he was 2 weeks old so his father could be there before he went back to Iraq. His Godparents are like Super-Godparents. They shower him with gifts for every holiday! My sister is his Godmother - she takes her role as ultimate gift-giver seriously. Calvin adores her! And his Godfather has a habit of giving Calvin cash everytime he sees him. How lucky, right?!?

He'll do anything to help anyone. All I have to do is ask and he will help cook dinner, bake cookies, get Chris a beer... etc. etc etc. :-)

Calvin loves sports - like playing t-ball or golf. But most of all he loves SOCCER! The soccer shirts get worn more than any other shirts in his closet.
Summer is coming... he's going to need short-sleeve soccer shirts!

Speaking of his clothes... he has a crap load of clothes. And, rarely will I let people (other than his daycare) see him in the same outfit more than once. I'm weird about that.

This morning, Calvin came to the living room crying after he woke-up. He asked, "Where's Dad?" I exlained Dad was at work. He said, "WHY? I want to play with him!" Then he crawled up on my lap and seriously cried big alligator tears for 5 minutes!

Calvn loves loves loves when he gets something new. I'll let him open the bag/box/package and he will cup his hands over his mouth and gasp in a whispery voice, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" That reaction makes the gift so very worth any amount of money. Just last weekend he got new pj's. By his reaction you'd have thought we got him a bicycle!

Chris works at a car dealership. There's a different dealership up here - The O'Brien Autopark. They have a cute jingle. At first Iwould sing the jingle because it was catchy. Then, Calvin caught on and we both sang it. That started to annoy Chris. Now, Calvin loves the jingle and will bust out in tune at random times... Chris just rolls his eyes.

He insists that we read to him before he goes to sleep. Lately it has been primarily Shel Silverstein poems. He loves them.

His Great-Aunt Dana gave him a monkey photo album for his 2nd Christmas. I filled it with pictures of him with different family members. He sifts through it regularly, talking about all of the pictures and the people he loves so much. It may just be his favorite book.

He is slightly anal-retentive... like obsessive compulsive about some things. He likes all of the doors to be shut. He can't stand to get so much as a drop of water on his pants or shirt - if he does, he will insist on changing his clothes and often tell me I need to was these "dirty" clothes NOW. We're hoping this doesn't grow into something like him having to flip on the light switch 19 times while putting his tongue on the roof of his mouth and then clapping 3 times before entering a room!

Calvin seriously has a BUNCH of grandparents. He loves all of them VERY much! Let's add them up:
Great-Great Grandparents: 2
Great Grandparents: 13
Grandparents: 8
TOTAL: 23 Grandparents! That's a lot! Lucky little boy!

He still insists that he has a Baby Sister. Our neighbors downstairs just had a baby... he thought the baby was his baby sister. And when I tell him not to jump because the baby downstairs might be sleeping he will get very quiet and tiptoe... and whisper, "Don't wake-up my baby sister!"

Calvin's learning his ABC's. It goes something like "A,B,C,D,F,G... know my ABC's. Sing with me!" I'll have to get it on video.

He has a few variations of running. Sometimes he runs with a high step. Other times, he runs wiggling his behind. And yet other times he can run at lightning fast speeds like an Olympic Gold Medalist!

Calvin is oh so very precious to me.
He is the reason for getting out of bed on a dreary day.
He's the source of all hope, even when the odds are against us.
And, he is the beginning of life as I know it.

I can't imagine a greater joy than the love of a child.
I hope each of you either have, are, or will experience this uncomparable love.


Sarah D said...

This is odd, but I do enhoy hearing what other people's children have named their "business" Jack calls his his PEE-BOB.

I do enjoy alligator!

Dawn said...

awww, I miss me some Calvin now!