Saturday, March 29, 2008


Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? Well, I sure did. Her name was Udge. Where did that name come from? I don't know - it was her name so her imaginary parents must have given it to her. ;-)

I was an only child for many years and spent much of my time with adults. One day my mom's friend's kids left our house - leaving my room a mess. Mom told me to clean it up. I knew that complaining that Charity and her brother made the mess wouldn't get me anywhere. This is when I said Udge did it. It was the first time I ever spoke of her. I remember the look of confusion and then the smile on my mom's face as she told me to help Udge clean my room. From then on, she was a part of the family.

During this last week, I have spent a lot of time with my Mom's family during Heather's arrangements. Several people including Heather' mom and grandmother asked how Udge was doing. They brought up the stories I used to tell them about Udge and her exciting life as a Long John Silver's worker who drove so fast her car doors flew off! Funny how 20 some years later Udge is as popular as ever!

A couple years ago when my cousin Hailey (Heather's younger sister) was living with her mom and dad in my grandparent's old house, Hailey's mom heard her talking to her imaginary friend... Udge! Now, Hailey is in school and much too old and cool for an imainary friend. But, I hope Udge was as comforting and as good of a friend to Hailey as she was for me.


Amanda M said...

I can't ever remember having an imaginary friend, but I am anxious to see if Nick will have one.

Rebekah said...

I had more than one. The main ones that my whole family new and loved were ticki and choochis.

man, I miss those 2 crazy gals! They were a helluva lotta fun!

Dawn said...

Udge, yes, I've heard of him. I don't remember an imaginary friend necessarily, but I did blame a lot of things on my brother, at least until he was old enough to realize it. And I played with barbies all the time, they were always there for me.