Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Tuesday II Updates

Today was Super Tuesday II - I decided to break my short-lived silence on the campaign and report:

This is big... no - HUGE for the McCain campaign! I am so excited that now we can focus on the general election instead of getting the nomination. Now the big question, who will he ask to be his running mate?
I've read a few article lately that have tried to speculate who John McCain would ask to run as Vice President. One site is strongly urging him to ask Colin Powell. I personally think he would make a very fine Vice President and be a candidate that I would trust to take over as Commander and Chief if something were to happen to John McCain. That's something to think about... c'mon - John McCain is 71 years old... anything could happen.
Recently Mike Huckabee was on a t.v. show - not sure which one - maybe Meet The Press - something on a Sunday morning when I watch t.v. to catch up on the campaign. Anyway, the reporter asked him if he would consider being a running mate with John McCain if John McCain won the nomination. Huckabee said something to the affect of, "Nobody wants the job as Vice President but nobody turns it down." Interesting... What about Mitt Romney and his hottie clan??? ;-) That would make it hot!

Tonight could be - but probably won't be the night that decides the Democratic nominee. It is projected that Clinton will win Ohio. But, seriously at this moment they are neck and neck in Texas! She needs Texas to be able to say she has enough of the popular vote to continue in the campaign. If she loses Texas it will be a major blow to her campaign.

I want to put a shout out on here to my friends Jason and Carolyn - and their friends in New Hampshire who have proudly supported Republican, Ron Paul!
It has been noted on many news casts and in newspapers and magazines that he has some of the best supporters. Carolyn and Jason are close friends of mine that have been extremely active on Ron Paul's campaign. I think it is admirable that they have the passion to find a candidate that they believe in and follow-through and fully support him - even if it means sleepless nights updating the website (http://www.ronpaulhq.com/) or driving hours to be at a campaign rally supporting Ron Paul. THEY ARE INVOVLED! This is what being an American is all about! It doesn't matter if you're Democrat or Republican - YOU have the right to choose your candidate and the right to VOTE!


Rebekah said...

I could go for some Colin Powell. he is hot! Sexual Chocolate. mmmmmmm...

Also- how did John McCain get such a hot wife? She is way hotter than him.

Christina said...

I think you could officially consider Cindy McCain a TROPHY WIFE! :-) hehehe. She is very pretty! For a wedding gift, Tiffany got me a t-shirt that says Trophy Wife on the front and Mrs. Ordner on the back. I think I'm taking it on our honeymoon! :-)