Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Soccer Shirts

Each and every morning when Calvin and I pick out his outfit for the day he yells, "Soccer shirt!". He has 2 shirts with soccer balls on them... they match his soccer hat and soccer backpack. He loves the soccer shirts and I had even been planning on getting his some short sleeve ones for summer.
So, on Sunday Chris and I were finishing up the laundry. I saw the Old Navy white soccer shirt w/ navy sleeves was dirty so I threw it in the wash... the rule is if 1 or both of the soccer shirts are dirty and you're doing a load of cold load of clothes - thrown them in, too! So, the white soccer shirt was in the washing machine with some towels. Chris found my red towels and threw them in the wash, too. I heard him say he was putting them in the wash and it never clicked... they are RED and the beloved soccer shirt is WHITE. Needless to say, the shirt turned pink. I could have cried.
We washed it immediately again - and some of the pink came out but not all of it. Then, I scrubbed it with baking soda - I don't know why - just sounded like a good idea. Then, I washed it again. Still a little pink. It has been soaking in cold water, baking soda, and laundry detergent since yesterday. It looks a little better - Chris said it looked white again. In my head it's still a little pink... I really don't want Calvin to wear it to school looking like I don't know how to do laundry. It wasn't me... it was those damn red towels that I love too much to get rid of!


Amanda M said...

Try washing it by itself with color safe bleach. That normally works for me when I make the biggest opps mistake of laundry. Wish I could blame it on my husband. As long as I haven't dried it the pink will normally come out.

Christina said...

Cool! Thanks for the advice!