Thursday, March 6, 2008

REASON NUMBER 334 WHY TONY STEWART IS BETTER THAN JIMMIE JOHNSON: Home Depot has fun #20 Tony Stewart car-carts for kids. Lowe's had no #48 Jimmie Johnson carts.

Yesterday while Calvin and I were out and about, I remembered that we needed a big plastic drop cloth to cover the loft while Calvin and I do our paintings. Lowe's was right there - just across the street from the shoe store we were at. I normally only go to Home Depot - but decided that convenience outweighed my love of the #20. Home Depot has awesome carts that are like little race cars for the kiddos. I was disappointed to find that Lowe's does not have similar car-carts for #48.


Amanda M said...

Sometimes I wish someone would push me around in one of those carts...only with #24 painted on the side!!!!!

Dawn said...

I think every store should have the fun carts, it makes shopping so much easier. When we lived in CO, we only shopped at the one grocery store because they were the ones with the fun carts. Come on store people, think.