Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Ray Of Sunshine

The last couple days have been absolutely wonderful with Calvin. He did a complete 180 from the brat he was being. Now, he's full of hugs and kisses and the snuggle bunny I love.
This got me thinking... about the Terrible Two's... is this something that stretches out for a long time? Dawn has talked about Daelyn being worse in her 3's than she was in her 2's. Why can't they just be pure evil for a couple weeks or months and get it over with?!? It's kind of like taking a bandaid off... I'd rather rip it off fast than make it hurt longer.

Last night, Chris and Calvin fell asleep on the couch. It was very cute. Then, I put them both to bed but I coudn't sleep so I was up watching a movie. Around 12:30 Calvin wondered into the living room to snuggle with me. He told me to rest my eyes and go to sleep. Somewhere around 2:00 a.m. I put my sleeping baby back in his bed and I went to mine. I woke-up this morning (after Chris left for work) with Calvin in bed with me with his little sweet arm around me. It was a very nice way to wake-up. I tried to savor the moment because I know that sometime soon he will morph back into a terrible-two monster.

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Amanda M said...

Have a wonderful time in the sand and the surf! Just don't get burnt!