Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Another Wednesday

Notes from my Wednesday:

*** My friends Jason and Carolyn are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy. This means Miss Amelia is a Big Sister! That's a big job! I have a new found respect for Carolyn. I learned today that she must be some sort of super-human individual... she delivered at home in the bath tub with the assistance of a midwife. No drugs! No epidural! She's much braver than I could ever be! Can't wait to see new pictures of baby... still waiting to find out his name.

*** Calvin woke-up this morning and like usual he asked, "Where's Chris?" I told him he was at work. He replied, "Doing dishes?" I further inquired about Cavin's thoughts on Chris's job and he truly believes that Chris does dishes at work. The thing is, Calvin thinks doing the dishes is cool and he refers to our dirty dishes as his dishes and always wants to help put them in the dishwasher.

*** Walking to school this morning I was behind a male couple holding hands. My obvious thought was, "Those jeans are fabulous! Where can I get me some like that?" This got me thinking about my gay friend, John. I might have to give him a call sometime soon to find me some hot jeans, too!

*** I bravely went to my English class even though I only had 2 1/2 pages of my 4 page rough draft research paper done. I was also 15 minutes late for class because I was in the testing center taking my Chemistry quiz. Check me out... I got a B!!! Normally I wouldn't be so excited about a B, but Chemistry is not easy and I will settle for a B.

*** Tiffany REGISTERED to vote in Missouri, today! That made me happy! And, if you're wondering... her new job is going even better than she expected! She is already being recognized as a huge asset to the branch.

*** My cousin Heather is expecting a baby boy! VERY excited for her. Mom called today to see if I was going to her baby shower on March 16th... at first I was excited about it - then I got more excited thinking about on that very day I will be in Puerto Rico instead!!! :-) Iwill send a fabulous gift in my absence.

*** Another complaint on the LACK of shoe selection for boys!!! Calvin and I were out and about - all over Champaign this afternoon looking for him some brown shoes for Easter. There were 1 maybe 2 options at each store compared to the dozens of dress shoes for little girls! Shoe-maker-people... Boys Wear Shoes, Too! I found some cute ones at Kohls but thought the price was a little high. Searched the mall and Shoe Carnival - ugly, ugly, and uglier. Very unhappy. We ended up with a pair from Famous Footwear - for the same price the ones at Kohls were. I gave up. He loves the shoes - so I guess that's all that matters. Price doesn't matter to him - he thinks his McDonald's gift card can buy endless amounts of Happy Meals - someday he will have kids (in a VERY long time!) and he will wonder how in the heck I managed to spoil him like I do!


Anonymous said...

WOW...go Carolyn! She is amazing for delivering her child like that. I have no idea what it feels like, but I've watched you go through it doesn't look that pleasant. I have so much respect for her strength, I hope I can be that strong some day and go all natural!


Christina said...

Tiffany... you really want to go all natural??? Remember my pain?!? Remember how happy I was after the epidural???

Dawn said...

I tried the all natural the first time. Ended up with some lousy painkiller. What pain exactly it killed I am not sure.
Did the epidural the second time. Hell yeah for epidurals.
The next time I walk into the hospital preggers and popping, I will be demanding the epi.

Carolyn said...

I used HypnoBirthing to deal with the pain. It was intense, but I'm really proud to have had the baby at home with just the midwives and family around. It was great.
Thanks for the mention, Tink. :)
Call me sometime. 603 764 9833