Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It Might Be A Super-Fantastic Day!

Today might be a spifferific day! Why? Because...

1.) Calvin is being nice. He even got in bed with me this morning and snuggled for awhile and said, "I love you, Mom!!!"

2.) I have no homework to do today!

3.) I got a B on my chemistry quiz yesterday!

4.) The SUN is out!

5.) I just checked my midterm grades... I am getting a high B in Algebra - and an A in Chemistry. English grades aren't released, yet - but I'm certain it's a high B and if I'm lucky an A. :-)

6.) Just 4 more days 'til we leave for Puerto Rico!!! :-)


Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the grades, and have fun celebrating in Puerto Rico! One suggestion that I should have mentioned earlier-- check out the bioluminescent bay in Vieques Island if you get the chance. There are a ton of dinoflagellates in the water that make you glow when you swim. I did it a few years ago for a birthday and it was something I'll never forget! Can't wait to see you, see pictures, and hear stories when you get back!

Christina said...

Elizabeth - did you stay in San Juan? That's where we are staying. Chris found a ferry that an take us to the north or is it East - well the opposite side of Vieques Island... we're going to see if it's easy to get to the bioluminescent bay. Did you take the ferry or the plane if you stayed on mainland?

Elizabeth said...

We stayed in Fajardo at a place called El Conquistador (northeast side of the island). I think it was an hour or so drive from San Juan. Beautiful place, but unfortuately I didn't get to see (Old) San Juan. So I'm looking forward to hearing all about it! And I'm silly, b/c we didn't do the bioluminescent bay at Vieques... we did one near Fajardo. I don't remember the exact one, but I think it's Las Croabas Lagoon. We took at kayak and paddled through a channel with tons of mangroves and ended up at this beautiful lagoon. In the moonlight and with the dinoflag's...I thought it was worth the trip and money! Try this website if you're interested: http://www.elyunque.com/biolbay.html. Enjoy your trip! And see you next weekend!

Christina said...

Thanks for the info! :-) I think this is definitely something we'll try to do while we're there. See you next week!!!