Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flintstone Cure-All?

Wednesday night while driving to Heather's visitation, Calvin and I had an interesting conversation.

Calvin: "Mom, what you doing?"

Mom: "Driving to the funeral home."

Calvin: "Why?"

Mom: "To tell Heather good-bye."

Calvin: "Why?"

Mom: "Because she died and went to live with Jesus."

Calvin: "Why?"

Mom: "Her heart hurt really bad and then she died."

Calvin with concern in his voice: "No medicine???"

Mom: "Nope, she didn't have any medicine, bud."

Calvin: "I take my Flintstone's when my heart hurts!"

Death surely is one of the hardest subjects to talk about. I know that at 2 years old he does not grasp the concept. I wasn't even sure what to tell him when he asked why she died. A main artery leading to her heart shrank and then tore, preventing sufficient blood flow and leaking the blood into her body. I thought explaining all of that to Calvin would be too much - so I stuck w/ her heart hurt.

His innocense with the Flintstone vitamins reminded me that life is a cycle. Calvin is still a child in a precious part of his life where everything is still innocent and untainted.

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Dawn said...

Gotta love him! So cute and innocent. Let's hope all our kids stay that way for a LONG time.