Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Calvin has discovered his new favorite toy in our house:
A purple $1 calculator off of Chris's desk.
Last night he proudly brought the calculator downstairs to me and declared that there was a '3' on the screen. By Golly George - there were 2 3's... and a 4. I thought that was a coinsidence. But, this morning he typed in some 8's and he knew they were 8's I was like, "WOW! OMG! You know what a freaking 8 is!!!"
WHEN did my baby Calvin learn what 3's and 8's are?!? All of a sudden it hit me... and hard... he's potty trained, can dress himself (quite fashionably if I may say so myself), can brush his own teeth, wears a backpack, drinks from a big-boy cup, and now knows what numbers look like!!! Who is this kid? What happened to my baby that depended on me to know everything??? He's really growing up.

Today, the calculator is not just a magic number machine. He thinks it's his new game - like a Nintendo DS or PSP! He pushes buttons really fast and yells things like, "Oh yeah - racer! I'll race you!" He's so cool. The coolest 2 year old boy I know at least. :-)

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