Saturday, March 22, 2008


Do you speak Bloggish? If the language of Blog had a name would it be Bloggish, Blogen, Bloganese, Blogich, or Blogabic? What do you call it when you think in Blog?

In high school I took German. I remember someone telling me that if I dreamt in German then I really knew the language. I'm not sure how much truth there is in that - because sometimes I have dreams about war and someone is speaking what sounds like German - and I know very few words. Anyway, I have a point...

I noticed on our honeymoon as dfferent things happened that I was thinking about what was happening at that moment in terms of how I would/could type it out in my blog. Like, how I could tell the rest of the world my story. I caught myself doing this frequently. It was weird. I know I put a lot in my blog... but I don't exactly document my whole life on here.

So, it got me thinking about fellow bloggers and how intriguing their blogs are and I wonder if they think in Bloggish or take notes to remember all of the details to share with the rest of us.

Do you think in Bloggish? Or am I on the verge of going crazy? LOL. :-)


Sarah D said...

Ok, now what I have has a name!

I will try to be brief, because I could go on for days on this subject!

When we went to Disney last year, I took a journal and wrote in it nightly so I could blog about it when I got home.

I went out with my girlfriends the other night and when I sat down at the table with all of them to eat dinner, the first thing I said was--does anyone have a problem with me taking pics to put on my blog or writing anything about this evening for my blog? Luckily they were all fine with it.

I do sometimes think in terms of how I could spin a story to put it on my blog, I have some stuff saved in the back of my mind for a slow "blog" day.

I think everyone needs a blog!

Christina said...

Sarah - that's a relief... I'm not nuts. I don't have a 2nd personality that thinks in Bloggish! I'm normal!
Are we both crazy? LOL! :-)

Dawn said...

I definitely think Bloggish! Nice to know I am not the only one. Anytime something happens, I immediately think of how I can relate it to the rest of my blog friends, so to speak.