Sunday, March 2, 2008


The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! I can hardly believe that just a few days ago it was snowing! It was so warm that we opened up the door to the balcony and turned off the heat! Chris decided that the warm weather warranted cold beer on the balcony... So he and Calvin took their beer and juice outside. So, at lunch time they wanted to eat out there. :-) Tonight we're having chili for dinner and Calvin keeps telling us we're eating out there again. Being outside makes him so happy that we might actually eat out on the balcony!

We played t-ball outside today. This year he can really hit the ball! He hit it so far it rolled into the lake/pond! Chris fetched it for him! :-) Then, we went for a short walk. Where we live there are nice sidewalk walking trails around the lake/pond. I think one lap is a half mile and that's how far we walked. While on our walk, we saw lots of nice people walking their dogs. Calvin enjoyed seeing all the dogs. I however did not enjoy all of the dog poop in the grass! Grrr... there are signs posted and it is regularly put in our condo's newsletter that you must scoop up your dog's poop. It's gross and an inconvenience for us people trying to enjoy the grass areas.

The weather was so nice today... wondering if it's because Tom and Susan took the cold, wintery weather with them to Colorado! I hope they don't bring it back with them tomorrow!!!


Susan said...

Sorry!!! What a miserable wintry day to return to! But I enjoyed not leaving the house today, staying warm and cozy catching up on wash, rest and mail. Can't believe you had 70 degree weather while we were gone. We did have 2 warm days skiing, felt like 50-60 degrees without wind and total sunshine. Had a great time, even though I had to give up skiing due to knee injury.

Christina said...

Susan, Glad to hear you guys had some warm weather out in Colorado! It's nice to ski when it's not freezing cold! :-) I hope your knee is doing okay.