Monday, March 24, 2008

A Baby Sister...

Last night Calvin saw pictures of baby Brayden sitting out. He proudly exclaimed, "My baby sister!"
Chris and I looked at each other with confusion. A baby sister?!? Where did that come from?
The conversation with Calvin proceeded as Calvin insisted that he wanted a baby sister and that he would play with her and agreed to change poopy diapers!
We wondered where he learned about baby sisters. We certainly hadn't talked about one. I sent his dad a text message asking if there was something he and Jenny forgot to tell me. He said that they aren't making Calvin a baby sister, either.
Even this morning Calvin was talking about his baby sister... hmmm...


Anonymous said...

You know they say when your children talk about it the next thing that comes is the baby.


Anonymous said...

You know they say when your kids start talking about it that means you are pregnant and don't know it.

Kay M

Dawn said...

Daelyn still asks about a baby sister. Not sure where she got it into her head in the first place. But she is very adamant about it.
At least Calvin still has hope! Daddy Weldon cut out Daelyn's last year!